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Kari Martinsen Philosophy of Caring Model Name: Institution: Date: Introduction Hospitals and health facilities adopts different psychological and philosophical models in treatment and care. As the fundamental goal of every health institution, quality health and medical care forms the core values…
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Kari Martinsen Philosophy of caring Model
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Download file to see previous pages Principally, there are three features that links nursing care; the belief of quality in nursing, the association between nursing care and ethical values and compassionate as an interpretational exercise. In contrast, countless patients complain about the lack of care when consulting their doctors, facing ignorance, inattentiveness or undignified conduct (Malmsten, 1999). I debate about the state of caring in nursing and highlight some of the distresses in relation to care in nursing. Mission/Vision Statement/Core Values Mercy Suburban Hospital’s vision statement is to be the leading provider of kindhearted health care and increased community access to excellent health and Medicare services aimed at improving the quality of health of communities and individuals. Mission: Mercy Health System aims at building strongly partnership with the Catholic Church in healing and treatment through the ministry’s spirit of the sisters of mercy. In fulfilling the mission, Mercy Health Hospital strives to create a caring and compassionate environment within the hospital and its surroundings. Besides, the hospital is dedicated to communal transformation and healing addressing the diverse health demands of the community and increased access to medical care by the marginalized and the disadvantaged groups. Mercy suburban Hospital works closely with the patients and their families to forge on advancing spiritual and psychosocial support through innovative compassionate care and medicines. Core Values Mercy Systems Hospital is committed to: Excellence: in quality medical care and health services which exceeds expectation of the patient Christian Service Motivation: contributing to the preservation and strengthening of Catholic Health service via Catholic Health East membership Inclusiveness: affirming and inviting persons from all ethnicities, religion, and culture to network and collaborate with Mercy Systems in providing quality healthcare to the community. Stewardship: enhance fiscal responsibility and creative leadership among all the stakeholders. Besides, it enhances staff development, resource conservation and nurturing the environment. Integrity: advocacy and generation of trust. The Kari Martisen Philosophy of Nursing Care There is a considerable discrepancy between expectations and reality in nursing care (Martinsen, 2006). Not all doctors or nurses care a terrific deal. The concept of care in the field of medicine is disputable. I welcome Kari perspectives on the influence and importance of ethics in relation to nursing care. Care by definition requires the recognition of the need. The basic human existence relates to this definition. As humans, we are social and dependent on other people. Thus, care is a preconditioned fundamental in human life. As mankind, we are interconnected; this creates dependency which requires a response in the form of care (Malmsten, 1999). Martinsen understands a state of care as being circumstantial, emotionally burdened and particularistic in nature. Care is to communicate to the other in absolute and impulsive way as a reaction to the condition of the other (Martinsen, 2006). To accomplish this, we must identify the patient need in the first place. Noting the necessity for care is thus the basic element of care as Martinsen implies by arguing that in order to care for the patient, we must both be able to see and express the patient’s plea for assistance in order to reinforce the patient’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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