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Issue of Gender and Racial Discrimination in the US - Essay Example

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With reference to a few relevant articles, the essay "Issue of Gender and Racial Discrimination in the US" will assess the meaning of public change in reaction to racial and gender stereotypes in western society. Specifically, the essay discusses such an issue in light of feminist studies…
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Issue of Gender and Racial Discrimination in the US
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"Issue of Gender and Racial Discrimination in the US"

Download file to see previous pages Overly, despite these drastic demographic changes, the connotation of citizenship and the ability to treat or cure various germ and contagion related chronic infections were consistently blamed on the foreigners. This article’s key structure, therefore, revolves around three periods of immigration historical events, which include the 19th Century at around 1924, an era of retrenchment period of 1924-1965, and 1965 that was marked by an outrageous immigrant’s domination into American society (Markel & Stern, 2002). An outstanding quote in this article towards the understanding of feminist studies is,
“If the relevant authorities and anti-immigration advocates found that one immigration classification is the most objectionable, they will soon mitigate every drawback in the United States associated with immigration” (Markel & Stern, 2002).
This article presents racial discrimination, diseases and significantly the meaning of public change in feminist studies. This article beyond any reasonable doubt draws on archival registers in California’s Imperial Valley in the years 1940. These events resulted in the arrest and deportation of various groups of Mexican workers, some of whom presented themselves passionately as human rights union activists. These workers had entered the country legally and had inhabited the United States for many years. According to the immigrants’ officials, they rendered these activists “likely to become a public change” LPC, which was unlawful in America as a deportable offense (Natalia, 2010). According to me, I am in agreement with this author’s main points of argument. Firstly, immigration is one of the factors that have affected the American economic growth for quite a long period. In the 1940s, United States border patrol agents experienced intriguing migratory records into America. This experience, in turn, spearheaded the deportation proceedings for Mike Gutierrez, who acted as the president of a Congress of Industrial Organisations (CIO) local. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...on the blood pressure levels of black and white individuals did infer that discrepancies in the blood pressure levels should take into consideration the social explanations of ethnicity and race, as illustrated in the experiences of discrimination with relation to race. The studies conducted on the relationship between physical well being and racial discrimination should also take into account how the gender and social strata affect the embodiment of and exposure to such racial and ethnic discrimination. It is quite evident that racial discrimination causes pain to a person. In fact scholars must conduct...
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...for the slaves to keep themselves away from the yoke of slavery. In addition, the policy of multiculturalism helped them to gain importance in the mainstream society. Still, discrimination is a burning issue in the society because coloured people are judged on their skin colour and racial identity. Joe Feagin opines that, “Although Jim Craw segregation was finally ended in the late 1960s, today African Americans still face much racial discrimination in public places” (209). So, one can easily identify that the dominant race hesitates to consider the fact that minorities have certain rights in the society. Still, the public educational system does not...
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Gender discrimination life; but this has changed with modern girls and women having better opportunities albeit with many challenges than women in the past (Girls Inc 1). Feminist advocates have fought against social traditions and cultures that devalue and treat women as lesser human beings, and they have achieved valuable gains all over the world (Chesler 3). Their fight has highlighted some of the challenges and disadvantages women continually face. This has made it possible for the legislation of laws against gender discrimination. In the modern world, prestigious and powerful positions are obtained through quality education and this has traditionally been used to deny women these positions. In the...
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