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Social problems and social issues - Essay Example

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The Methodology of Social Construction on the Educational Underachievement and Racial Issues in United Kingdom (Name) (Course) (Date) The Methodology of Social Construction on the Educational Underachievement and Racial Issues in United Kingdom Education has been considered as a very important thing for everybody…
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Social problems and social issues
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"Social problems and social issues"

Download file to see previous pages Because of it, they have other problems like lack of jobs, low economic performance, lack of food supply, hunger, malnutrition, high level of crimes and many more. It may even produce racial issues (Noll 2008). When it comes to race, each group of people may have similar features because they come from one place. Skin colour, eye colour, hair colour, body built, height and many more affect the appearance of people which may dictate the race that they belong to. Sometimes such differences produce inequalities and discriminations in the society. Some may say that those are unavoidable (Noll 2008). Some social experts may contend that it is innate to mankind to have a sense of discrimination as he categorizes things. It may race an issue since humans are not things that should be look down upon and discriminate. As a solution, some may suggest to look at each person in a new perspective and understand that each human being is unique (Lentz and Gower 2011). There should be no point for discrimination and recognize the talents and rights of every person. Other than education and racial discrimination, there are also other problems that exist in the society. It would take a lot of words to mention those problems so the paper would just concentrate on the two aforementioned issues and analyse them using the methodology of social construction. In particular, those issues to be analysed would be limited to the country called United Kingdom. Before going deeper into the issues in United Kingdom, it would help if the methodology of social construction is discussed first. It would provide a better understanding for the readers and appreciate how important social construction is in analysing the issues in education and race. From the perspective of philosophy, social construction pertains to the knowledge being created by the mass of people. It dictates what reality is which is perceived by each person. If it is brought to the extreme, it negates the concept of objective reality since the reality concept is dictated upon by the groups of people. A more formal definition of social construction may take the form of social theories which tackle the subject of knowledge as being created by the society. The consciousness of the society dictates which one is real and which one is not. It is like being dictated by convention. It means that reality is synthetic or product of the collective human mind. It may go against objectiveness because the perception in an object or concept depends upon the variables that are attached to the social perspective of people instead of connecting its meaning to its innate qualities (Burr, 1995, p. 4; Noll 2008) Usually social constructionism goes on the opposite side of essentialism. The latter pertains to the natural terms and meanings of things instead of relying on the minds of people. Social constructionism is the opposite because it tends to unveil the process or methods on how people form groups and create their shared reality. It starts with how each person interprets the concepts or objects and later on they share them in a group. The group combines the ideas of the members until they come up with the interpretation to be institutionalized. Those institutionalized interpretations become the traditions that are passed on to the next generation. Since the construction in social perspective ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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