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This means that such a condition is harmful to more than one individual. This therefore, means that a social problem is both subjective and objective perception. As an…
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Social Problems and Issues
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Download file to see previous pages For instance, violence, poverty, human trafficking, alcoholism, as well as, terrorism are some of the issue problems since they affect a large number of people. Nevertheless, a social issue is also a matter of individual perception. This is because a social problem can be perceived by how an individual sees it (Rubington and Weinberg, 2010). Therefore, if an individual perceives an issue to be a social problem, then it is going to be a social problem. For instance, if an issue like abortion is taken as a social problem, then it is. This is because some people refer to it as murder and this does not only affect an individual but also by the community. Abortion is considered a social problem when involving teenagers. Social problems are therefore, less significant to many people. Personal problems are different from social problems despite the fact that some issues intersect. For any issue to be considered a social problem, it is required that the group will consider it as so. Any influential group usually has an impact social policy implementation and public debates.
Social problems are usually produced by social conditions and can only be remedied by collective human activities. This means that other problems like natural disasters like tornados cannot be considered as social problems since they are not produced by the society and on the other hand cannot be stopped by collective actions. Norms and values in any society play a very imperative role in defining a social problem. Values form people’s ideologies on issues that are acceptable or not (Spector and Kitsuse, 2001). Norms and values usually serve as a script of how people are supposed to behave in a particular social situation. Therefore, it is possible to distinguish social problems with other issues because social problems usually cause mental or physical damage to a society or individuals and they offend the standards or values of a large segment in a community. Further, social problems are usually ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Problems and Issues Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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