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Psychology of Gender/Sex Roles - Essay Example

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For along time, this has been a debated issue: nature versus nature, what is the connection to human sexual orientation. All in all we can define gender identity as a personal notion…
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Psychology of Gender/Sex Roles
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"Psychology of Gender/Sex Roles"

Download file to see previous pages The paper will also look into the roles of nature-biological factors, how the environment/nurture influences gender identity and differentiation. Current argument on the issue and how bio psychology can help resolve this case
Sexual reproduction is made possible by biological differentiation. Productive man has two chromosome sex chromosome x and sex chromosome y. Chromosome Y determine the sexual differentiation. Its absence results into a girl being born while, its presence result into a boy. Testosterone which is released during sexual intercourse stimulates reproductive organs development, and the male genitalia. It also some how affect the nervous system which influences male pattern behavior after birth (Collaer & Hines, 1995).In most cases, people identify gender in terms of girls or a boy. At birth, male and female posses distinctive sexual organs and as they grow their body becomes more differentiated by the development of secondary sexual characteristic.
Hormones are chemical messengers that play a vital role in this development of an individual both growth and shaping gender identity during puberty. They enable differentiation of the sexual organ. At puberty the release of hormones for growth results to physical differentiation between both males and female: male’s voices deepen, pennies and testis enlarges and hair appears in pubic parts, under the armpit and on the face. For females, they start to have monthly periods (menstruation), hips broaden, and body hair appears (Hines, Brook, & Conway, 2004).
According to John money (1994), sex is what one is biologically, while gender is what one becomes socially. Money argues that one is either a male or female depending on his perception of himself/herself. Even "though,” it has been biologically proven that one sex is identified at birth some question arises such as is it possible that there is a gene called gay gene? Congenital adrenal hyperplasia is excessive production ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Psychology of Gender/Sex Roles
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Psychology of Gender/Sex Roles
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