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Literature Review and Annotated Bibliography - Thesis Example

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Each and every year, thousands of women of Hispanic origin are always domestically abused, and they normally struggle to balance off their personal safety, with other competing goals such as financial security, family unity, and cultural loyalty. Furthermore, it is the…
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Literature Review and Annotated Bibliography
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Download file to see previous pages t will have to consider a number of repercussions before she or he can decide to report the domestic violence to social service agencies, or even the police. For example, Fisman and Edward (2008) explain that when the undocumented immigrant reports the violence to the police, she may risk deportation because she is not residing genuinely in the United States. This will make her suffer more, mainly because she is unable to gain protection from the state or federal agencies responsible for protecting people residing in the United States (Muniz, 214). Furthermore, most male Hispanic figures are aware of this limitation, and on this basis, they will continue abusing their women, and imposing their dominance against them. Fisman and Edward (2008) has a different view of this situation. Bergad and Herbert (2010) explains that even amongst the documented Hispanic families, there is a high rate of domestic violence. This is despite the aggrieved parties constantly reporting this violence to the police, and to social agencies responsible for protecting the welfare of the vulnerable. Fisman and Edward (2008) therefore dismiss the notion that there are high rates of domestic violence amongst the undocumented immigrants because of their immigration status which is illegal in the United States. Bergad and Herbert (2010) believe that the major reason of domestic violence amongst the Hispanic people is poverty.
Tienda and Faith (2006) provides an explanation that most Hispanic individuals are living in poverty, in the United States. This is mainly because most of them are immigrants, and when they enter United States, they normally do not have any stable sources of income. Furthermore, majority of the Hispanic people are undocumented immigrants, and on this basis, they are always unable to acquire good jobs, because they do not have supporting documents that can enable them get the jobs under consideration. This situation contributes to poverty amongst the Hispanic community. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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