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Comparative Review of Welfare System - Term Paper Example

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This paper "Comparative Review of Welfare System" describes the welfare system of Britain, the USA, and Canada with regard to children with disabilities. From this work, it is clear that these countries provide the right support to the parents of children with disabilities. The author takes into account the hypothesis and comparative methods. Welfare states focus mainly on the financial aspect…
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Comparative Review of Welfare System
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Extract of sample "Comparative Review of Welfare System"

Download file to see previous pages In order to compare the welfare system of the three proposed countries, it is important to first develop a comparative method that would guide in comparing the three states. For the purpose of this paper, a binary comparison would be conducted. The implicit comparison would deal with Britain while the explicit comparison would explore the USA and Canada. Thereby a small N’ study would be used, that is, of three countries.
The three countries selected to share a similarity in the form that these countries are a welfare state. This is when welfare is mainly funded by the state. While the USA and Canada focus on the liberal welfare state, the welfare state of the UK is not quite defined.
The comparison of the welfare systems of the UK, USA, and Canada will be done by evaluating the similarities and differences in the five channels of welfare system; these being market, businesses, family, local community bodies and civil society.
For children with disabilities, the UK government through the DWP pays disabled living allowance (DLA) to the parents. In the US, the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefit is paid through the Social Security Administration. In Canada, the Canada Revenue agency pays the Child Disability Benefit (CDB). In order to qualify for the benefit, the child needs to satisfy certain criteria. In the UK, the maximum age for getting benefits is 16, while it is 18 in Canada and the USA. The agency responsible for the benefit first makes an assessment in all three states before allowing disability benefits. The limit for DLA in the UK is between £20.55 and £131.50 per week (BC Council, 2012). The SSI has set the upper limit of the allowance at $698 per month (Katz, Condon and Brown, 2009) while in Canada the upper limit is set at $1, 1716 per month (Canada Revenue Agency, 2013). These amounts are calculated by all three countries on the basis of the income of the family as well as the number of dependants along with the nature of the disability. Along with providing SSI benefit to the child with disabilities, the US government has two state-funded health care institutes, Medicare and Medicaid that allow families with limited income to benefit from health provisions. Medicare is state-funded insurance while Medicaid is a health care program for families with low or limited income. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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