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Write an equity research report on JUNIPER NETWORKS, INC - Essay Example

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traces back to 1995 when its founder, Pradeep Sindhu took leave of absence from Computer Science at the Xerox PARK in order to realign his business motives within the telecommunications and networks industry. In 1998, the company was launched which aimed at…
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Write an equity research report on JUNIPER NETWORKS, INC
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"Write an equity research report on JUNIPER NETWORKS, INC"

Download file to see previous pages Juniper’s strategy into the network’s industry as well as in the provision of data service aimed at connecting customers to a stable and reliable network infrastructure that would support both individual personal users as well as big data streaming. This approach was at par with the growing use of data within the social sphere as well as the business environment of various corporate entities. The aim of the network and data provision service was to challenge existing companies and business rivals into developing a competitive approach into business to ensure standards were improved while at the same time making use of innovation to provide customers with relevant and sustainable service. Additionally, the company is innovation oriented and through the adaption of technologies such as the framework of the M40, the company aims at constructing a competitive advantage for the survival of its business mission and operations sustainability within a competitive contemporary environment.
While the strategies of most companies within the active global markets are analyzed with reference and respect to their financial capability, the operations of Juniper are considered in a timeline approach to showcase how time as a resource, innovation as a strategy, and competition as a motivation combine to strengthen and sustain the company over years of active business participation. With reference to the very first production that the company invented, the M40 router, the company aimed at providing North American region with network infrastructure that surpassed the then available technologies. In 2000 towards mid-September, Juniper provided the market with its first full-performance routers under the brand name MSeries Multiservice Edge routers. In 2001, the company was at it again improving its own business competitiveness by providing the market with routers integrated with XML instrumentation considering the technological solution, IPv6.
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