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Networks - Essay Example

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These types of networks are majorly governed by the span that they cover. The first type in this case is the Local Area Network. This is network type that…
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Extract of sample "Networks"

First Networking In the computing environment there are various types of networks which a person can interact with almost on a daily basis. These types of networks are majorly governed by the span that they cover. The first type in this case is the Local Area Network. This is network type that covers a small area like the office environment or school. It is majorly used in communication between the various departments that are there in the organizational building. The other type is the Metropolitan Area Network which covers a wider geographical region like a city for example. It is this type of network that enables the various business entities that are there in a city to be in communication with each other. Finally there is the Wide Area Network. This is the network type that is of primary importance all over the world as it is the one that enables communication between almost all networked computer entities in the world.
In IP addressing it is seen that what is commonly used is decimal numbers as compared to binary notation. The primary reason for this is because the decimal numbers are easier to remember in comparison to their binary equivalent.
In the case of comparing the bit signal used, the company should opt to stick to the 24-bit digital audio technology as compared to developing one that makes use of the 28-bit. This is because the technology that is there supports the 24-bit and in the event that the 28-bit is implemented there may be loss of the four additional bits.
In networking in a building, there are various reasons why a network may be established. One of the reasons may be for the purpose of communication and also there may be the aspect of resource sharing. In order to achieve this there are various components such as routers, gateway among others. All these are the devises that aid in the networking process.
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Networks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Networks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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