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Network Intrusion Detection systems are widely used and they are one of the major component in a network. These systems help to prevent the intrusion and attacks by using a unique mechanism. Intrusion detection system detects and protects the network system from threats and attacks…
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Network Intrusion Detection Systems
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Download file to see previous pages These intrusion systems have been designed using various techniques. The intrusion system designed with the help of classification technique is the popular ones as it provides more security to the systems in which it is installed. The classification technique is used to classify the type of attack the system faces. (Base 2000).The intrusion system has the responsibility of protecting the system and preventing the attacks.
According to Mun the intrusion detection system works well only if the system is selected based on the type of network. The intrusion detection system must be selected to suit the network. There are various types of networks and the system must make sure that it satisfies the network's requirements. The classification technique is used in the intrusion systems to classify and divide the attacks and threats. (Mun 2009).This technique is preferred by most of the network administrators due to its compatibility and efficiency. The intrusion systems work well only when the network's requirements are
satisfied. The intrusion detection systems are generally classified into network based intrusion detection systems and host based intrusion detection systems. Network based intrusion system makes use of classification technique since it offers more protection when compared to the other techniques. The systems which are built using classification technique protect each layer of the network. The Ethernet of IP and the other layers are protected and they can be free from intruders. (Northcutt, Noval 2003).Since the classification technique based intrusion detection systems ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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