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Case study on ch3 : Juniper Bank - Essay Example

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Juniper Bank was co-founded by Richard Vague as a financial institution whose flagship product was noted as the transparent credit card, and was envisioned to embody a customer-centric culture that provides services online. This means that the organization was built through…
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Case study on ch3 : Juniper Bank
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Extract of sample "Case study on ch3 : Juniper Bank"

September 7, Case Study: Juniper Bank What they did Juniper Bank was co-founded by Richard Vague as a financial institution whose flagship product was noted as the transparent credit card, and was envisioned to embody a customer-centric culture that provides services online. This means that the organization was built through acknowledging that they take the customers’ perspectives, needs, demands, points of views, and designed strategies based on the information gathered to address the customers’ varied financial requirements.
Initially, being established in the 2000s, Juniper Bank could be regarded as a pioneer in their endeavor in terms of the customer-centric focus, thrust of providing services online, and acknowledging that their organizational culture has been established with the customers as the driving force.
It was disclosed that among the challenges encountered included the design of infrastructure system that could effective support the organization’s requirements. This included ensuring that the organization assumes a proactive stance. As such, it was indicated that “Juniper is 12 to 18 months ahead of the industry’s (learning) curve” (Dyche 76).
Good Advice
The advice that was communicated that was instrumental to Juniper’s success was the acknowledgement that there is a close integration and collaboration between departments, particularly customer service and marketing. Accordingly, the missions of both departments are anchored on the organization’s main mission, which is to focus and serve the needs of the customers.
The Golden Nugget
The organization’s golden nugget is core competency that enabled them to rise above the rest is their innovative disposition in focusing on the customers’ needs, as well as in anticipating how the organization could address their different requirements through putting their points of views in the shoes of their clientele. The positive feedback that the organization has received from its customers attests to the exemplary service provided by their organization. It was specifically emphasized that the various accolades that were received by Juniper prove that the strategies on customer-centric focus were recognized and awarded.
The Manager’s Bottom Line
Overall, the secret to Juniper’s success could be summed in their ability to reach and touch the appeal of customers through their emotions. As emphasized, “customer service strategies...should be receptive to emotion and involve not only efficiency, but also friendliness and empathy” (Dyche 77). By actually effectively addressing that the customers’ needs and touching their emotions in a positive way, Juniper Bank has catapulted to success within a short time frame since their inception.
Work Cited
Dyche, Jill. "Case Study: Juniper Bank." Dyche, Jill. The CRM Handbook: A Business Guide to Customer Relationship Management. Addison-Wesley Professional, 2001. Print. Read More
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