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Importance of Family History and Interview with a Relative - Essay Example

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The author of this essay "Importance of Family History and Interview with a Relative" outline techniques, causes, background of creating an interview for a grandmother. In the end there is a real interview with questions and answers. …
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Importance of Family History and Interview with a Relative
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Extract of sample "Importance of Family History and Interview with a Relative"

Download file to see previous pages In any case, family history can`t be factored out of an individual`s life, given how profound of an effect the family of an individual leaf on him both biologically and also socially (Hochschild 12). For this reason, family histories are often conducted using various methodologies to get to know the family a little better. Thus, tracing my family history by interviewing my grandmother also revealed certain aspects of my family which have an effect on my personality as well, though I hadn`t realized that until recently. Though I would have preferred to interview my grandfather since he wasn`t alive, I turned to my grandmother. However, interviewing my grandmother proved to be quite an inspirational experience since the revelations about her hard life and her journey towards success helped me understand how she was the one who had kept the family together and sacrificed a lot for the sake of our happiness.
The interview I had designed for my grandmother was an in-depth one which aimed at getting insights on her personal life with context to her family variables. This technique proved to be helpful since I was able to gather details about the most intricate yet complex details on her life, and generally on our family. My grandmother is indeed a strong woman with a generous heart who has always kept her family before her personal will and desires. Though currently, she may seem as a typical woman with power and wealth who has had her life easy, that isn`t really the case. My grandmother initially belonged to a poor background but she was a hardworking person with an inherent drive to succeed from the very beginning. Therefore, she started off working in a ceramics factory where she made ceramics. However, her life changed as she managed to acquire the position of a manager at a hotel where she got enough experience and exposure to start off her own hotel. However, while doing so, she didn’t neglect her family and proved to be a doting mother, loving wife, and even a caring sister.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Importance of Family History and Interview with a Relative Essay, n.d.)
Importance of Family History and Interview with a Relative Essay.
(Importance of Family History and Interview With a Relative Essay)
Importance of Family History and Interview With a Relative Essay.
“Importance of Family History and Interview With a Relative Essay”.
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