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Assignment 1 There are different characterizations of racism. Initially a race is when people are united by common beliefs, interest and characteristics. Modern day races are these days defined predominately on skin color and then on the geographical location of a group of people…
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Download file to see previous pages Various ethnicities differ from region to region; an example of an ethnicity is that of African Americans. Racial and ethnic identity is the recognition and identity affiliated to a person who leads to awareness among the person which is described by their race and ethnicity. The way a person chooses to describe oneself is associated with one’s physical appearance, their language, their heritage, primary and secondary socialization, cultural and the experiences which occur in a lifetime. Racism has numerous definitions; the most commonly used is that a person is inferior in accordance to their particular race. This involves characterizing people in relation to their race. Another definition of racism is that of having a system of advantage over another particular group of people due to an inherent feeling of superiority over the other. There are particular types of racism; Individual racism is a system of discrimination practiced by one person which can be done consciously and subconsciously like telling a black joke. Active racism involves actions which lead to discrimination against a particular group of people active racism usually involves around people who believe in superiority of white people in relation of those of color. Passive racism is beliefs, opinions and attitude of people which lead to racism without openly advocating violence. These are usually thoughts and ideals of a person which leads them to look down upon the victim of racism. Cultural Racism can be that of that of other races but the White people are seen to be the biggest culprits in this issue. Racism at an organizational level or at a bureaucracy is institutional racism .The benefits that a white person enjoys by their biological identity is called white privilege; these are inclusive of but not restricted to not being stereo typed as being a criminal or people associate beauty by the whiteness in a person’s skin. Lastly horizontal racism is discrimination or racism which takes place within the same racial group (Benoist, 2004). A stereotype is certain characteristics involving people of certain gender, race, ethnicity, religion or locality. If a person finds another person of Bangladesh to be shy and quiet if one would hold the same image for all people of Bangladesh to be shy and quiet then it would be an example of a stereotype. Certain modern day stereotypes that exist are that of Muslims being terrorists, boys being tough and blondes being dumb. A stereotype prevents diversity within a group and adds stigmatization within a society. A stereo type is followed with a self-fulfilling prophecy which is that people tend to live up to the way they are labeled and stereotyped in society. If all boys in seventh grade are stereotyped to be intelligent all of them will work hard to live up to that particular stereo type. Self-fulfilling prophecy can be that in a negative sense as well; if poor children are going to be stereotyped to becoming beggars they might actually believe that is so and live up to that certain stereotype. This process is called a self-fulfilling prophecy (McGarty et al, 2002). Assignment 2 In the movie Crash there are multiple incidents that highlight racial stereotyping as well as discrimination. Right from the start of the movie stereotyping that is against a number of races can be seen. The first of these was when the rich white man and his wife are walking to their house and she is seen to clutch her purse instinctively ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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