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OPhelan, Patricia (1995) Incest and its meaning: The perspectives of fathers and daughters. Child Abuse and Neglect, 19(1), p - Assignment Example

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A Research Report on Patricia Phelan’s Incest and Its Meaning: The Perspective of Fathers and Daughters Submitted by: (Name of Student) Patricia Phelan’s article, Incest and Its Meaning: The Perspective of Fathers and Daughters, gives us an alarming view on sexual activity involving incest…
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OPhelan, Patricia (1995) Incest and its meaning: The perspectives of fathers and daughters. Child Abuse and Neglect, 19(1), p
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"OPhelan, Patricia (1995) Incest and its meaning: The perspectives of fathers and daughters. Child Abuse and Neglect, 19(1), p"

Download file to see previous pages It is quite disappointing to hear about these revelations, as told by the author, but it nonetheless is true. In fact, this particular phenomenon is not something new. It has been present since time and memorial. And not only does it happen between fathers and daughters, but even between brothers and sisters. Take for instance a moment in history when “Cleopatra married her brother” (Westermark, 2005, p.3). It is considered that sexual abuse is only one among the three types of abuse (Krug, et al., 2002, p.89). Herein, the manner by which individuals conceptualize, reflect, and understand circumstances, actions and interactions were studied. The reason why it occurs is searched through the analysis of the pieces of information provided. According to the research constructed, the logical explanation of the father’s motivations in doing such a violation of the incest taboo was unraveled. However, results showed that the fathers were more alarmed when discovered by their wives, than on possible legal consequences. Whilst most of the fathers said “they knew what they were doing was wrong, still they continued their incestuous act because their thoughts were dominated by the need for sexual gratification” (Phelan, 1995, p.13). ...
Individual assessments of the sample were restricted to the 40 men (14 biologic and 26 stepfathers) and 44 children (18 biologic daughters and 26 stepdaughters) who were able to give their respective consents. “One biologic father and one stepfather originally agreed to be interviewed but subsequently declined. There were various reasons nine of the children were unavailable to be interviewed” (Phelan, 1995, p.9). Moreover, the information was acquired through “interviews conducted individually by a member of the research team” (Phelan, 1995, p.9). A data sampling of 42 families was appropriate, for they were the ones who personally experienced the problem. It is also noteworthy that these people were chosen because during this time when the research was conducted, they were undergoing therapy, which serves as proof that they have the intention to put a stop to the incestuous habit. Another advantage of this sample is the fact that they were able to air their sentiments and perceptions during the interviews, which is a positive sign of moving on. The selection process of the participants cannot be generalized because the problem was an exclusive problem. Nevertheless, the chance of being transferred to other groups or populations remains as a possibility, because what happened to the chosen participants could still happen to others, depending on the nature of the behavior of their fathers. In addition, the nature of the subject matter is very selective that atypical participants or settings would not be generalized since not everybody practices incestuous acts. The only time that the data can be generalized is if the same act were to occur more frequently, then the continuance of the action is expected to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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