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Androgynous Fashion Trend: Women Liberation for Power Dressing - Essay Example

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The paper “Androgynous Fashion Trend: Women Liberation for Power Dressing” shows the changing times in the arena of fashion and its inclination towards androgyny including designers and icons modeling the trend. Dresses are worn to gain attention, appear attractive and above all reflect power…
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Androgynous Fashion Trend: Women Liberation for Power Dressing
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Download file to see previous pages The idea of the unisexual look began in this era. According to Davis (1994, 34), the habit of cross-gender emulation was reflected mostly in men until the eighteenth century. By the sixties, people’s taste had changed to a great extent and this is why fashion designers were always thinking about doing something altogether new. Ready-to-wear clothes were preferred to the traditional formal wears by people. The avant-garde was influencing the fashion designs everywhere. Even the haute couture houses had concentrated more on the ready-to-wear dresses than their traditional designs. This also happened as life in the world paced up continuously. (Breward, Ehrman and Evans, 2004) Women had also lost their interest in haute couture. The modern haute couture, which we come across in, the fashion shows have actually drifted a lot from what it used to mean before the 60’s. Today’s haute couture is the perfect blend of the previous styles as well as the modern fashion designs. There is neither avant-garde nor the classical elements present in these types of clothes today. (Lipovetsky, 88-90)
The term ‘androgynous’ refers to the presentation of a woman’s looks resembling that of a man or even vice versa. The New York Fashion Week saw Kate Bosworth and Amanda Peet going androgynous. Again, the movie show, Sex, and the City highlight the power of women, which gets enhanced through fashion, and taste of presenting themselves. The time since 2007 has been marked by a new emerging style of dressing where power dressing is very popular and provides a stylish alternative to the classic style of working suit or the traditional format outfit. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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