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The paper “Addressing Fashion's Communications Conundrum” gives contrasting views about fashion sales. The fashion war is between Victoria’s secret and H&M Versace. The author illustrates different ways through which new fashion brands are directed to the market. …
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Addressing Fashions Communications Conundrum
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Fashion Communication Addressing Fashions Communications Conundrum In the article, Mallevays and Plane illustrate different ways through which new fashion brands are directed to the market. There are different ways used to make new brands appealing to consumers. The first instance as outline by Mallevays and Plane (2011) is to allow consumers to order the new brands before they are launched in on the fashion runways. This makes consumers wait for as long as six months after the fashion launch to get the first taste of their ordered clothes. The other instance is where fashion communication is done concurrently with sales initiation to consumers. Immediately the fashions are launched, they are also advertised to consumers and sales made with every launch done. The Article gives contrasting views about fashion sales. The fashion war is between Victoria’s secret and H&M Versace (Mallevays & Plane, 2011).
Opinion on Fashion Sales communication
In cases in when consumers preorder new fashions before the launch, sales may be low because consumers are kept for long before receiving the products. This low sale may be due to likelihood of losing interest on the product because of the long time it takes for them to receive materials ordered. Fashion may also become useless to the end user if not given or not delivered to them in time. Proper the advertisement through social media and immediate sales to the consumers during the fashion launch is the way to go when fashion designers are in need of making money. It is advisable to launch new brands and allow for ordering of the clothes by the consumers as well as receiving them immediately. The market should be open to all consumers and allow them to get new fashions immediately they order. This will lead to rapid production of new brands. The lead-time between ordering and receiving of new brands should be kept as minimal as possible. Timing is also important when fashion designers are planning to launch their fashion. Many sales can take place during festive seasons.
The Luxury Fashion Business
In the article, Amed (2011) presents an insight into how to manage a luxury fashion business. That should revolve around a technology that ensures past designs are faced out. The luxury fashion management ensures redundancy management, seasonality management, tapping creative talent, investing in retails outlets and considering the use of technology.
Opinion on Luxury Fashion Business
The fashion business demands strategic management to ensure that luxury brands remain relevant and keep moving in the market. Before designing luxury materials, designers should conduct research in the market to find out the consumers’ tastes and preferences. Luxury designs should be recycled for a short period before they become redundant. Technology should be involved both in the design and in advertisement of the luxury fashions. For instance, new social media platforms such as Instagram, twitter, Facebook and blogs should be used to allow expansion of luxury fashion business. Since fashion design is affected by seasons, luxury designs should only be produced during festive seasons when people prepare for merrymaking. This will open up new frontiers and increase sales. Luxury fashions business requires intensive investment in many business outlets to expand market. Luxury fashion business has always majored in women apparel; therefore, a great shift in men’s clothes can lead to diversity and increasing sales of such expensive fashion materials.
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Mallevays, P. & Plane, W. (2011). Getting The Luxury Fashion Business Model Right. The Business of Fashion. Retrieved 30 September 2015, from Read More
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