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This paper attempts to analyze why fashion cannot remain stagnant and keeps undergoing changes. It is extremely influenced by one’s needs of the hour, the comfort and convenience factor. Fashion is never the same and keeps changing within short time-durations…
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Why does fashion change
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Why does Fashion Change?
Fashion can be defined as the prevalence of a particular style of clothing, dressing or simply a sense of style, in the way one appears or comes across. In a broader perspective, fashion can be associated with the general outlook of a society, in today’s time. It is limited to a short time period. In a more concise context, it can be spoken about, in terms of clothing, accessories, footwear and the overall appearance of an individual. It is time-specific and keeps altering with changes in trends and market hits!
However, fashion cannot be taken exactly synonymous with trend, as fashion has a sense of appeal and a time-transcending influence over man. It is extremely influenced by one’s needs of the hour, the comfort and convenience factor. Fashion is never the same and keep changing within short time-durations. This paper attempts to analyse why fashion cannot remain stagnant and keeps undergoing changes.
Firstly, fashions change due to a sense of practically that creeps into our lives. We cannot possibly wear the same kind of clothes forever. One needs to change with changing times and because times change, so does fashion. With numerous technological and social changes taking place rapidly in society, one is exposed to a variety of new possibilities, every now and then. A possibility that is found to be convenient and chic, by a majority becomes the next fad! This is how fashion comes into being.
Secondly, seasons and environmental conditions are bound to change. One cannot possibly wear a dress made of flimsy cloth, during cold winters. Therefore, a more stylish and at the same time, comfortable functional garment or wear becomes into fashion, during the winters. This is just an example to highlight how fashion can be influenced by changing climatic and environmental conditions, due to which it undergoes a repercussion and change, as well.
Thirdly, innovation and renovations are the twin functions that influence fashion. As human beings, we tend to come up with unique ideas or perhaps, possess the inquisitiveness to experiment and discover. These discoveries are numerous. However, when we discover or come up with something new and convenient, we tend to use it more. This is the case with fashion, too.
Complementing and supplementing these innovations are renovations. The rich past serves as a great influence on fashion and when this catches the fancy of many, a particular style is incorporated into the already existent fashion. This way, new fashions emerge by the confluence of a modern and an old fashion statement.
People are as diverse as their genes and therefore, tastes differ. What may find acceptance today, will be refuted by many tomorrow. They might come up with another aspect of style. This might find acceptance for the d ay and the process continues. This way, fashion keeps changing with people, place and time. A lot, apparently, relies on the cultural context and heritage of the place, as well.
Thus, fashion is not a ‘forever’ thing and keeps evolving continuously. What makes fashion click with the masses is the instant appeal and electric craze that drives it. However, the potential to come up with innovation and replace already existent conditions with better ones, gets the better of humanity. This is precisely the reason for the change in fashion!
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Why Does Fashion Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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