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The Interactional View of Paul Watzlawick - Essay Example

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This essay "The Interactional View of Paul Watzlawick" dwells on the ideas expressed by Paul Watzlawick. It is mentioned, Paul Watzlawick believes that understanding individuals is easier when one does it within the family system. A stable family can't communicate. …
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The Interactional View of Paul Watzlawick
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"The Interactional View of Paul Watzlawick"

Download file to see previous pages The children and the mother as well expressed their embarrassment of the father’s condition (content) and communicated this through the way they avoided being associated with him in public. As punctuation dictates, communication depends on whether the person is in a reactive or provocative position (one who starts the conversation) (Gîfu and Teodorescu 50).In this context, the father was mostly in the reactive end. He reacted to his family’s behavior by ceasing to associate with them in public. The communication is not symmetrical.It was one-up communication (Gîfu and Teodorescu 49. The other members of his family assumed a higher role in the exchanges as depicted in the case of the mother shutting down his opinion regarding the education of their youngest son. Reframing in the family comes about when the family decides to visit the counselor. The members of the family decide to get rid of the destructive rules that had guided their previous relationship. This meant understanding that the father deserves respect, love and equal chance in the relationship.The film features a family wracked by alcoholism. Alice Green portrays the character of a school counselor who harbors a serious drinking problem and is married to Michael, who is an airline, pilot. Though she is a loving and light-hearted woman, she is often drunk and reckless causing her to ignore her children. The whole movie can be used to illustrate the interactional theory as different scenes illustrate different elements. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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