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Answer question about marriage and divorce workshop - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Marriage and Divorce Workshop Connection Points The strength of a relationship can be measured by using the concept of the connecting points. Generally, there are ten connection points and couples can connect on any one of these points…
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Essay Answer question about marriage and divorce workshop
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"Answer question about marriage and divorce workshop"

Download file to see previous pages These ten connecting points are intelligence, maturity, word, heart, belly, visuals, belly, sex, biology, and soul. These connecting points are a major determinant of whether couples stay married or not. The belly is one of the most important connecting points in a relationship, as are the heart and the sexual connection. Couples who eat together are less likely to undergo the experience of divorce as compared to those who eat separately, say with their fiends in a restaurant. The couple also has to connect on an intelligence level. If the couple’s intelligence levels are too different, then they connect less, and this could lead to conflict and divorce. The couple also need to be at the same level of maturity, which allows them to connect on an emotional level. Emotional congruence involves the feelings that the couple has in the relationship. If one of them is not happy, then the other is not happy. It is only when they are on a similar maturity level that they can decipher each other’s emotions correctly. The couple’s hearts also have to connect, i.e. love and trust. Lack of this connection is another major cause of divorce. Sexual connection is also very important in a marriage since varying sex drives can lead to misunderstandings and conflict. Finally, biological connections also affect the strength of the relationship, for example, touch and taste. Couples who have a lasting relationship have a strong biological connection; for example, when they are close to each other, they have a good feeling. Patterns of Relationships There are four patterns in a relationship, the first of which is a dependent-dependent relationship. In this relationship, neither of the individual that make the couple makes the final decisions since their decision is collaborative. The couple is usually afraid to make these decisions leading to conflict, which, in turn, leads to the root boat crashing. This sort of relationship happens when two people form a relationship because neither can stay alone. The individuals feel as if that they cannot rely on themselves. This sort of relationship could result in a feeling of being imprisoned by the neediness. While this relationship can be healthy, it is grounded in desperation. Dependent-independent relationships involve the dependence of one individual on another in the relationship. In this relationship pattern, only one of them will grow, with the dependent person also hoping to grow. This is the traditional form of relationship where the wife is dependent on an independent husband. This reduces conflict and ensures that the boat is relatively steady. Independent-independent relationships involve a couple who depend on themselves. This relationship can be considered as a fair relationship since both individuals can be successful and wealthy within the relationship; these relationships do not last for very long. The boat in this case will rock and may sink at some point. Interdependent-interdependent relationships involve a couple who both have their own opinions. These relationships experience a lot of conflicts because the individuals in the relationship have many different opinions, which will see the boat rock. In this relationship, the individuals, mutually depends on the other, and it differs from dependent relationships where some individuals are dependent while some are not. Couples and Conflict Many different reasons can ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Marriage and Divorce crystallize the profile of the relationship. First, considering that one definition of love is considering the wellbeing and security of your partner as significant as yours, would you claim that you love your partner? Using this same definition, does your partner love you and why? Knowing the details on relationships, would it be possible to marry the same person again if you could start over and why? When comparing one to other individuals in marriages, do you at times feel cheated or that you have settled on a cheap choice? If it would be possible to leave the relationship or get divorced immediately sans embarrassment, legal costs inconvenience, and undue effects on the children, would you go...
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