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Society is made up with building blocks of family, then it can be said that a family is founded with building block of marriage, and therefore, this block plays an important role in the physical, social, as well as, emotional development of children in a society. However, it is…
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Effects of divorce on children
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Download file to see previous pages (Clark-Stewart, 2007) In this regard, it is very important that core principles should be taught to the people of American society, which will help in achieving a potential and mature individual. Divorce of a number of parents is resulting in suffering of more than a million children in the United States. Moreover, studies have indicated that every year, half of children’s population suffers effects of divorce around the country. Evidence related to social science has shown that present and future generations of society are affected socially, economically, emotionally, as well as, physically by devastating effects of divorce. In brief, this paper will try to define, discuss, and analyze some of the aspects of divorce that affects the children.
Statistics have specified that an increasing number of children are reported to be involved in different cases of abuse, who were living with divorced parents. More emotional and behavioral problems are exhibited by such children, who are an important part of human society. Moreover, higher frequency in drug abuse and crime has been reported with children living with single divorced parent. (Clark-Stewart, 2007) In educational terms, reading, math, and spelling are some subjects that are severely affected after divorce of the parents. In some of the states, lower rates of college graduation are observed in children with divorced parents. In other words, divorce affects the children on intellectual platform as well, which is responsible for significant development of the society.
Additionally, fifty percent drop in grades is observed in children that experience divorce of their parents, as compared with their grades before the divorce. Eighty-five percent of adolescents have reported state of loneliness after the divorce, which shows the emotional effect of divorce on the children. Religion is an important aspect of human life, which has been associated with a number of activities, and studies have shown that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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