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Explain and justify ways in which individuality, difference and diversity can be respected and celebrated in work with parents - Essay Example

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Explain and Justify the Ways in Which Individuality, Difference and Diversity Can Be Respected and Celebrated In Work with Parents. Analyse Ways in Which Equality of Opportunity, Inclusion, A Non-judgemental Approach and Anti-discriminatory Practice Can Be Supported In Work with Parents Table of Contents Explain and Justify the Ways in Which Individuality, Difference and Diversity Can Be Respected and Celebrated In Work with Parents…
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Explain and justify ways in which individuality, difference and diversity can be respected and celebrated in work with parents
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"Explain and justify ways in which individuality, difference and diversity can be respected and celebrated in work with parents"

Download file to see previous pages The factor of working with parents generally helps to nurture as well as provide boundaries which ultimately lead towards the development of relationships (CSSP, 2010). It is usually described as the services which intend to facilitate the parents with regard to enhancing their parenting abilities. Moreover, it is regarded as a form of work which assists parental relationship, increases the confidence level of the parents and enhances the interactions between the child and parents (Crown, 2012). It has been apparently observed that social inequalities tend to exist in every community in different forms which deeply influences the lives as well as attitudes of the people by a considerable level. A community is found to be generally composed of different individuals who possess a broad assortment of values, opinions and beliefs which can be observed to be a significant reason behind the existence of social inequalities. It can be stated that there are different ways by which the aspects of individuality, diversity as well as difference can be distinguished as well as valued in the course of working with parents. In this similar context, the facet of parents’ engagement can be considered to be one of the significant ways by which individuality, difference and diversity can be valued and distinguished (CSSP, 2010). In this discussion, the ways in which difference, diversity as well as individuality can be celebrated and respected related to working with parents will be taken into concern. Moreover, the legislative policies or the acts including Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 98, Equality Act 2010 and Special Educational Needs & Disability Act 2001 will also be discussed. Besides, the ways in which various aspects such as inclusion, equal opportunity, anti-discriminatory practices and non-judgemental approach can support working with parents will also be highlighted in the discussion. Individuality, Difference and Diversity Can Be Respected and Celebrated in Work with Parents The chief principles relating to working with parents include the rights as well as requirements of the children, building partnership with the parents and adopting strength-based approach. It has been viewed that a major proportion of the parents desire to perform significant activities in order to offer a better life to their children along with developing their learning practices. The parents as well as the practitioners both work together towards delivering long-term benefits which ultimately poses an optimistic impact upon the development of the children. It is quite necessary to build an effective partnership with parents for the purpose of working together in delivering best interests with regard to the children. There are supposed to be several ways through which the parents can support the learning development of their children. The parents can develop the learning competencies of their children by generating an optimistic home learning ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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