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Collabrative working with parents and others - Essay Example

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Collaborative Working with Parents and Others Name: Institution: Collaborative Working with Parents and Others The rules and policies, laid down by the government cover a wide range of human relationships, including the family, religion, marriage, education and medical care…
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Collabrative working with parents and others
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"Collabrative working with parents and others"

Download file to see previous pages This report shows among other details: the child's progress report annually; tabulation of performance of local schools and regular updates on their child's school from private inspectors. The government’s Education Act governs all schools in relation to their provision of educational needs, especially to the distinctive educational disadvantaged pupils, to ensure that such children receive an education that is of the same quality as their counterparts in the mainstream educational system. The Education Act ensures the involvement of parents in the learning process by encouraging them to express their views. They are also encouraged to act on their parental concerns whenever troubled about their children’s wellbeing in the school environment. The government has increased speculation in families and young children and participation in the creation of wide-ranging programmes aimed at transforming early childhood education and care. The National Childcare Strategy was implemented. This policy sort to bring the early child development programmes, and the social services authorities together to ensure the provision of educational and social amenities to children from needy families (Tomlinson. 2005, p. 35). The QCA/DFEE was later established to promote stakeholders in education and social environment plan how their work contributes to the new early learning goals. The government provides funding that oversees the promotion of children’s personal, social and economic development through formal education and ensuring children remain in right environments to govern their rights. The government, through the Children Social Services Department, seeks to ensure that the rights of children are maintained in the family setting. The government has laid down responsibilities for all parents, to maintain healthy children. Such parenting responsibilities include provision of medical care to the children whenever they are sick, provision of basic education to all children despite their mental and physical abilities, provision of a safe environment for child development and provision of basic needs for the child. The government gains custody of children whose parents do not support these basic needs and put the children in foster homes. Within any given social situation, the wants, needs and aspirations of different stakeholders may be quite different. It is, therefore, paramount that we identify the relevant stakeholders in order to understand their roles in the collaborative system. It is essential that the pupil should be included as a stakeholder. By looking at an individual pupil or a group of pupils, one can easily determine who the stakeholders are by observing the needs and wants of these pupils and looking at who can fulfill them and how. All stakeholders present their own personal opinions and understanding of the situation; thus, such collaboration will result in the achievement of set goals regarding situations faced by pupils and children. When these partnership work effectively, all the parties involved feel they have been able to realize collectively what they would not have if they worked individually (Tomlinson. 2005, p. 76). However, conflicts are bound to arise in any collaborative measure. The important thing, when faced with such a problem, is to consider what is in the interest of the children. We note ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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