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Parent Letter - Essay Example

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Rose, and your son/daughter will be enrolled to my classroom once the semester for the forthcoming academic year commences. I will be delighted to have your child in my class the forthcoming year whereby I have high expectation for your child. I am determined to…
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Parent Letter
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"Parent Letter"

Download file to see previous pages tem, and decision-making concerning the collaborative measures to ensure students with disabilities receive efficient support for their academic, social and behavioral success.
Students have equal opportunities to academic success regardless of whether they have a disability or not. However, for the student with a disability to achieve their dreams, I have put in place plans and support strategies that focus on providing an inclusive and collaborative learning environment. Your child’s needs, be it special needs, are clearly stipulated in reference to the Public law 101-476 (attached copy), which defines the rights of children with disabilities and their parents main role of participating in educational decision making for his/her child. The collaborative environment will aim at providing the appropriate diversified resources to meet all students’ special learning and behavioral needs. Consequently, the efforts towards a successful education are in the hands of a collaborative team initiative compromising teachers, parents, special educators, and the child (Dettmer, Thurston, Knackendoffel, & Dyck, 2013).
I have put in place a collaborative co-teaching strategy in partnership with my colleagues, which aims at ensuring all students understands coursework intensively regardless of their diversified needs. This plan does not require any extra fee from the parent following, which is constituted in my schools constitution to promote success for all students at equal costs. In addition, the role of the parent in the co-teaching is to ensure that he/she gives detailed disability information of the child to the administration, which will help in the provision of necessary instructional and educational support by the special educators in collaboration with regular classroom teachers. Students will be evaluated, instructed, and tested with their first language prior to being introduced to language programs aimed at ensuring all students communicate and understands ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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