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Recommendation for London Business School - Essay Example

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How long have you known the applicant and in what connection?*
I have known Gregor for two years since he joined Bloomberg. We worked together in the same team within the Analytics Department. (Also, provide here a sentence or two about your own qualifications…
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Recommendation for London Business School
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Download file to see previous pages This will give readers an understanding of why it is that you are qualified in recommending Gregor.
Why do you think the applicant would be a good fit for the MiF programme at London Business School?*
I had the pleasure of working with Gregor for one year in a team specialised in Equities. During this time, I observed Gregor as a hardworking, highly motivated and enthusiastic individual. From the beginning of his career within Bloomberg, he was involved in different interest groups such as, Launchpad Group, where he quickly became the central point of contact regarding the global implementation of this function. He was soon training the Analytics Department and actively involved in the recruitment process, carrying out interviews for the candidates and becoming a highly respected mentor for the new employees.
I am convinced that Gregor would be a good fit for the MiF programme since he has professionally demonstrated the necessary skills to be successful at LBS such as, leadership, enthusiasm and analytical thinking. Due to his impressive language skills (he is fluent in English, German, Polish and Spanish) Gregor is able to communicate and work in an international setting, characterizing the work environment at LBS. The experience he has gained in well-known multinational companies in different European countries, allows him to understand customer needs and provide tailored solutions related to financial queries.
The best testimony for Gregor’s abilities is the numerous positive comments he has received from our clients, admirably highlighting both his professionalism and the great attitude he will bring to class discussions at LBS. Besides the outstanding level of professionalism, Gregor also has a proactive and hardworking character aptly demonstrated when participating in student and work groups at our school. Thanks to his numerical skills, which he displayed by preparing weekly statistics regarding team productivity, and excellent financial knowledge demonstrated when dealing with high profile clients from the Finance Industry, he is perfectly equipped to be successful in the MiF Programme. To summarize, I highly recommend Gregor for the MiF Programme at LBS based on my own experience with this programme and excellent experience I gained by working directly with Gregor. His enthusiasm, knowledge and outstanding character make him a perfect candidate and a good fit for London Business School. How do you think the applicant would contribute to: 1) The study group and classroom environment* Gregor has a very good understanding of financial concepts based on his studies and work in the financial environment. This allows him to approach complex problems and communicate solutions in a structured and logical way. Moreover, he is keen to learn and is not afraid to ask questions which will be of advantage in classroom discussions. His international experience, friendly disposition and hardworking character will allow him to adapt easily to any study group and contribute immensely to the team results. 2) Student clubs and the wider School community* Gregor demonstrated a great level of enthusiasm within our company when he was involved in different projects (such as Global Launchpad Campaign or volunteering projects to help homeless people). Because of this, I strongly believe that he will continue to work in various student groups within our School and increase their popularity. Due to his work in the Sales Department, Gregor has built a significant network efficiently (try not to use future tense, like “he could”, be affirmative and boldly state that “he can” etc.) organising new projects with important partners from economy. Furthermore, he has significantly contributed to existing student groups by using his exceptional knowledge about ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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