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Cutting physician salaries will not help solve the health care problem - Essay Example

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The book talks about a medical study that analyzes a research in the medical field. There are many effects of Flexner report on American medical operation, and is a basis for where American concepts…
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Cutting physician salaries will not help solve the health care problem
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Extract of sample "Cutting physician salaries will not help solve the health care problem"

Task Flexner report is a book written by Abraham Flexner, a proficient The book talks about a medical study that analyzes a research in the medical field. There are many effects of Flexner report on American medical operation, and is a basis for where American concepts are retrieved. The impact of the book to medical schools is that it enforced the policy of increasing the admission requirements and graduation standards (Kenneth, 193-196). Many schools in America failed to meet the requirement from the report, which led to most schools to be closed. The reason was to maintain outstanding individuals able in dealing with a critical issue. Medical field is extremely risky, and only requires potential students having competent brains who are willing to train in the tough environment. This was the reason Flexner report suggested the idea that is still used currently. After Flexner had finished doing his research and filing his report, many medical schools were graded as small trade schools that were not able to offer quality training in the medical field. The medical schools aimed at making profits hence did not offer compelling services to the patients visiting them. They did shoddy work to get more money for their personal and business needs.
Some of the recommendations he suggested in his reports are as follows; for one to be admitted to medical college, he/she needed to possess a high school diploma, and experience of two or more years in university. Another recommendation was that the length of the college year should be about four years, and content to be taught should be agreed by CME. Proprietary medical learning institution should either be joined to other prominent universities or be entirely shut down. Flexner received many critics from other medical officers who were against his recommendations (Rayburn & Schulkin, 7). They believed it was unworkable and was a lousy way of solving the problems. Despite the negative reactions Flexner had to face, he stood for his report and promised to defend it from the critics. The effects of the Flexner’s report had the following effects in America; a person aiming at being a physician, one needs to spend six to eight years in training, in a university setting (Ann & Charles, 236-245). The government values medical training and makes sure that students going through the training get superior training. According to statistics, the average physicians skills and capabilities have improved significantly compared to the past periods (Waitzkin, 39). The government is in charge and monitors the construction of medical schools by ensuring that they follow the requirement that is needed. The profession of medicine in the country is highly valued and paid aptly.
The reasons for difficult and stringent programs to become a doctor are many, since the field is exceptionally necessary for human survival. To be a doctor a person requires knowing each detail since he/she will be dealing with the delicate body of a human being. The risks are many and the chances of making mistakes are high. Hence, medical schools should enforce strict measures and regulations to the students training for the profession (Kendall, 472). A doctor should be trained exceptionally well and master everything in detail, to avoid serious and minor accidents. Life is something that is valued by everybody worldwide, and doctors have the ability of saving either a life or destroying it. Therefore, the government should take measures to monitor the medical schools to ensure that professions are created to handle the life of its citizens. The programs medical students have to go through are extremely difficult and stringent, hence, needs students who are committed in their studies. This will assist them to get the right training and acquire skills necessary for the task ahead.
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