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How Has the Smoking Area in Regent's Business School Changed the Smoking Habits of the Students - Research Paper Example

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In the United Kingdom, smoking has been known as a key health risk for the last 20 years. This study tries to find out the link between the availability of a designated smoking area on schools, the rate of smoking with youngsters, and the number of cigarettes smoked every day by youngsters…
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How Has the Smoking Area in Regents Business School Changed the Smoking Habits of the Students
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Download file to see previous pages Regents Business School takes its responsibility to offer harmless, healthy surroundings for the entire community members as well as visitors. The school accepts and supports the view that tobacco use in whatever form, “active and/or passive” (Noland, 2005, p. 87), is a major health risk. Moreover, the institution believes that environmental tobacco smoke has been categorizing as a “Class-A carcinogen” (Noland, 2005, p. 89) and that there is no protected level of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke.
Regardless of declines in smoking levels during the last 20 years, tobacco use stays a major public health issue. In accordance with the latest estimates, smoking is the primary source of avertable fatality in the UK. Cigarette use by college students is of special concern since they have a significantly higher occurrence of smoking compared with the common adult population (Sussman et al, 1995, p. 111). Where designated smoking areas are made, consideration is given to lessening the risks linked with smoke-drift into access spots as well as internal workplaces.
Threat reducing plans for designated smoking areas take account of (1) restricting the number of designated smoking areas; (2) guaranteeing that the area is far from cross-traffic, entrances or pathways, air conditioning gear, as well as building doorways. Thirdly, giving containers to throw away cigarette butts; (4) placing understandable signs mentioning that designated smoking areas are just for smoking, and that smoking is not allowed at any another place on campus; and (5) assessing these smoking areas as part of a policy evaluation (Fibkins, 2000, p. 102).
Designated smoking areas are available at the campus where students can smoke without damaging other non-smoker students' wellbeing. Second-hand smoke is at the top of the list of safety issues about smoking on college campuses. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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