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Solve College Students Smoking Problem - Essay Example

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This report talks that there are a number of reasons why smoking has come out in the open as a menace yet the solution to the problem is a matter that remains more essential than anything else. This is because smoking poses a fatal future for the students as they grow up and take on more responsibility. …
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Solve College Students Smoking Problem
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Download file to see previous pages This could include the different dimensions of the society with which the students get in touch. These might comprise of the media avenues and platforms which they are always discussing and find a leaf out of this book in more ways than one. This could be represented in the form of several ideologies which emanate from the teenager and student life which has an impact on the students in a number of different mannerisms. Some believe that smoking is just a bad habit that shall go away with time and must not be given significance by the parents and teachers. What they seem to forget is that smoking is not a habit; it is an addiction and that too a very horrible one. It brings tyranny for the sake of the people and makes them realize where they are headed. Their young ones would have to face the music within their later years, and thus it is always advisable for everyone to stay away from smoking, mostly within the school domains (Waldron 2005). The school’s own reputation is at stake when the students are seen smoking both inside and outside the campuses. This rapport discussion deems significance because schools are known to be the places where corrective measures are employed and where students are taught about the positive aspects of the world. Now it would be a bad omen if these students themselves are given the liberty to smoke at their own free will. Something somewhere is inherently wrong and a reactive strategy might just bring about a sense of sanity that the school authorities and the parents would look up to as far as their children are concerned. There is a need to put fines and suspensions within schools and colleges when students smoke. It will be tantamount to a form of punishment which will make...
This essay stresses that exists as a refutation to this topic surrounds how alternatives can be understood and analyzed. If the students are given a better alternative, there is a possibility that they might switch over but then again the probability under such a scenario is too low. It is important that any alternative is not offered to them in the form of electronic cigarettes and the like.
This paper makes a conclusion that smoking is one passion that the students can let go if they make a firm commitment towards not only their elders but also their own selves. As a call to action, it would be important to suggest here that parents and elders share the blame if their children go haywire. They should always be answerable for all the tasks and actions when the students are young and unable to make-do with the nuances that surround their lives. The role of the media and the advertisers is to make sure that they keep the smoking domains as subdued as possible. The role of the educators and school authorities should be to pull up their socks to achieve sound results for the sake of the society at large and to make up for the gross transgressions on the part of the students in the past. The future must not see what the past and the present have already brought about to the fore. There needs to be a sense of optimism which has to be manifested and projected across the board for a number of reasons, all said and done. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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