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Vietnam: How We Got There - Research Paper Example

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Name Name of Professor Vietnam: How We Got There? Introduction In 1946, alliance between the Vietminh and France weakened, and all-out war erupted between them of the same year (Schulzinger 1997, 5). At first the United States only played the role of an onlooker…
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Vietnam: How We Got There
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Download file to see previous pages The increasing American interest on the triumph of France in its battle against the Vietminh overlapped with, and embodied a portion of, the growth of the Cold War. Europe stood for the original stadium of the Cold War, but occurrences in Asia contributed largely to the expansion of the rift between the Soviet Union and the United States (Neu 2005, 62). When President Harry Truman’s government resolved in 1946 that the Soviet Union intimidated the interests and security of the United States and its allies, Americans assumed as well that problems in one region were closely connected to issues and predicaments elsewhere (Schulzinger 1997, 8). While American officials recognized that the issues of the world are interrelated, they progressively created a global policy to control Soviet antagonism. Even though Southeast Asia did not turn out to be a main arena of interest for the United States in the period following 1945 politicians and planners in Washington eventually recognized the issues of the region as one part of the clash between East and West (Neu 2005, 47). This essay will argue that the United States involvement in the Vietnam War had been created by the commitment of Truman and Eisenhower. The Harry Truman Commitment: From 1950-53 Until now historians have devoted very little on the issue of Truman and U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. ...
Similarly, Gaddis Smith held the Truman administration responsible for the American involvement in the Vietnam War in a 1973 commentary when he stated: “There are many candidates for the precise date the United States went to war in Indochina, May 8, 1950 is the best” (Levantrosser 1986, 17). Evidently, Smith is talking about the time that Truman initially declared that his government was providing financial support to the French to help them in their fight against the Viet Minh. This pledge of financial assistance is in agreement with the Truman Doctrine. It essentially confirmed that the United States would aid any sovereign nation or free people fight non-democratic ideology and outside or domestic conquest by another nation (Ferrell 2006, 38). Basically this implied that the United States would fight communist invasions in other nations. The growth of communism, by all measures, had been successfully hampered by the Truman Doctrine and containment and it was believed that these strategies would be successful wherever democratic nations were challenged by communist hostility (Watson, Devine & Wolz 2005, 75-76). That challenge came forward in a region called Indochina. By the 1890s, France had triumphantly occupied Indochina, namely, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos. During the Second World War Indochina was occupied by the Japanese Empire, as France was overpowered in that Southeast Asian region (Neu 2005, 3). France aimed to re-enforce colonial power over Indochina, especially over Vietnam, after the downfall of the Japanese Empire. The Vietnamese urgently initiated armed struggle against France and established a resistance party, the Vietminh (Ferrell 2006, 58). The United States was originally opposed to the idea of assisting French forces in reinstating ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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