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The Vietnam war - Research Paper Example

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The Vietnam War Name Institution The Vietnam War (1959- 1975) started soon after World War Two. More than 50,000 Americans, 2,000,000 civilians and 1,000,000 Vietnamese soldiers were killed in the war. The French was in control of most of Indochina before the World War two…
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The Vietnam war
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The Vietnam war

Download file to see previous pages... Communist rebels from the north started invading the south. These rebels were trained and armed by the northern Vietnamese government, and they came to be known as the Vietcong. It is the attack on South Vietnam that drew America to Vietnam. The American government through it’s president had promised to support all the nations that faced threats from communism. It is the sole purpose of this paper to identify the superpowers that got assisted by the Vietnam War and how the Vietnam War influenced Cold War. In the period of the Cold War, the American government fought communism in multiple places worldwide. At that time, Southern Vietnam was an area under great threat by the communist Vietcong. The American’s believed that by allowing Communists to take over the Southern part of Vietnam, other countries within that region would follow suite and become communist countries (Domino Theory) (Salem State University, 2009). Faced with this threat, President Kennedy, J.F sent military advisers to assist the army of South Vietnam. It is Kennedy’s successor who started sending military ground troops to Vietnam. But as it later unfolded, the unrest and continued activism against the Vietnam War by the American Citizens saw the government withdraw American troops from Vietnam in the year 1973. Consequently, the Russians won the battle and acquired control of the South. Vietnam was later unified and become a single communist nation. The Vietnam War had an influence over the Cold War. The cold war started in the year 1962 and ended in the late 1970’s. Earlier, in the year 1949, the US had defined all the governments that were communists as being “the enemy.” After the defeat of the French in 1954, the US replaced them in Vietnam. The war became a struggle between the US, against a nation-state that was emerging (Suffolk State University, 2011). It is the Cold War that saw the US commit itself to assisting all the countries that were under threat of communism. The Vietnam War was basically a war in which a weaker south Vietnam fought against the north Vietnam. The north Vietnamese were being assisted by China and Russia. The American’s saw this war (Vietnam War) as being a war between communists and Nationalists. The north Vietnamese were communists and the south nationalists. Therefore, the involvement of the U.S in Vietnam War was a direct outcome of the Cold War. At the end of World War Two, the Korean Peninsula was divided between the US forces that were in the south and the Soviet forces that were in the north. Each of these super powers had the intention of unifying Korea under their auspices. The Chinese joined in the war and the war between China and the United States lasted for three years. This war resulted in the growing and intensification of tensions in the Cold War. This growing tension in the Cold War forced the U.S to change its policy towards Vietnam. Russia was keen on facilitating the spread of communism in Asia. Together with China, Russia supplied arms to northern Vietnam. The arms were delivered to a group of rebels who later attacked South Vietnam. The United States moved in to support the South fight against the communist north. This scenario overtly shows that the Vietnam War was a war of superpowers. The super powers were fighting a cold war that was due to their different ideologies. Each of the super powers had the intention of introducing her ideologies to other countries. For example, Vietnam was divided into two and each super power ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Truth about the U.S. Involvement in the Vietnam War
The cream of the crop at the time were fully aware of the courses of action they were taking and had no alternative but to get involved in the war. Ho Chi Minh could barely have crushed the armed forces of France in the 1950s
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Vietnam War
However, the French too were waging a war against the local people, who wanted to be rid of the colonial yoke. Soon after the world war, the fighting for the colony by the French continued, but by the year 1954, after their defeat at Dien Bien Phu, they were forced to agree to the Geneva accords, whereby Vietnam was divided at the seventeenth parallel, and elections to reunify the country were to be held by 1956.
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Vietnam War
Understanding this reality is a critical facet of foreign policy. The conflict in Iraq (2003-2010) proved that this important lesson was not sufficiently learned following the U.S. involvement in Vietnam. If this lesson continues to not be fully understood or is ignored in the future the U.S.
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The research paper on the Vietnam War
It is often also difficult to gauge the precise timeline of the war, but it can broadly be said to have extended from 1945-1975. The period thus delineated does not include merely the years of open military confrontation, but marks the time from the first seeds of conflict to the final fall of Saigon.
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The Vietnam War, Conflict on the US
All military engagements are expensive. More importantly, many young people lose their lives and of those who come home alive, many are eternally altered emotionally and physically. The Vietnam War proved that neither military nor financial supremacy guarantees victory.
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The Vietnam War
Vietnam War, like many other wars of its era, was fought to prevent the spread of Communism across Asia. Usually referred to as the Second Indochina War, Vietnam War was the longest military battle in the history of United States and lasted from 1959 to 1975. It was fought between the North Vietnam (Communist) and South Vietnam (United States).
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The Vietnam War and America's Involvement
The Vietnam War (1954–1975) originated in the nationalist struggle against French colonialism. This independence movement was led by Ho Chi Minh, who formed the Vietnam Revolutionary League (Vietminh). In 1940, with France’s surrender to the Axis Powers in World War II, Japan occupied Vietnam.
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How the Draft has changed since the Vietnam War
In the United States, conscription, or the draft, has been used a number of time, normally in the event of war, as well as when there is nominal peace, such as during the Cold War. The draft was discontinued in 1973 by the US government, which shifted to a military force that was all-volunteer.
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Vietnam war
While united States claim withdrawing as a way of changing their fighting tactics, the North seems to have outsmarted them (Rottman 67-9). The particular of scene of Battler of Khe Sanh underscores the epicenter of the war and gives the insight into the true picture of
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American desire to modernise third world countries fuelled the Vietnam war
Mark Berger, in his article: “Decolonisation, modernization and nation building” explains that the US fused pacification and modernization theory in its search for the appropriate combination of civil and security reforms in the hamlets of Vietnam. The US sought a coherent plan to jumpstart the economic and social development in Vietnam. The military was perceived to play a major role in modernization and pacification.
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