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Viewpoints Regarding the Vietnam War - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Viewpoints Regarding the Vietnam War" discusses the courage that King shows, to stand up, against the administration of his own country, in an attempt to defend the basic rights of people living on the other side of the earth is worthy of great admiration…
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Extract of sample "Viewpoints Regarding the Vietnam War"

Download file to see previous pages The period thus delineated does not include merely the years of open military confrontation, but marks the time from the first seeds of conflict to the final fall of Saigon. The chief objective of this paper, however, is to analyse this historic war in relation to Martin Luther King’s seminal anti-war sermon “A Time To Break Silence”.
While many tend to view the war as one that was ‘revolutionary’, King sought to critique the very underlying principle of war. At every level, he expressed his solidarity for those members of the clergy and the laity who critiqued the war and were sympathetic to the Vietnamese civilians. Though King’s speech is a clear articulation affirming the value of human life and liberty, my analysis would attempt to both analyse and question his perspective regarding the Vietnam War. King’s views regarding the land reforms that Ho Chi Minh had carried out during his tenure have been contested and attested by various thinkers. This paper shall try to incorporate these views into the body of the work and provide a balanced argument. The paper shall also look at the position of the poor peasants in Vietnam who bore the brunt of the war.
The land reforms in Vietnam, initiated as a means of the communist revolution in the nation was directed at the distribution of land among the peasants of the society and the displacement of the elite of the village that existed before the revolution. Through these, a new class would arise that would enable the birth of a free and noble nation, one that would be egalitarian in its principles. King’s concern for the rise of such a nation is partially a result of the Christian perspective of egalitarianism that he adopts in his speech as David Bromwich argues. He goes on to locate the root of king’s concern as the need for viewing the people of Vietnam as brothers, in an explicitly Christian manner, without the arrogance of the western man that king argues was responsible for the attitude of the people who wanted to recolonize Vietnam, namely the French and the Americans (Bromwich). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Viewpoints Regarding the Vietnam War Research Paper - 1.
(Viewpoints Regarding the Vietnam War Research Paper - 1)
Viewpoints Regarding the Vietnam War Research Paper - 1.
“Viewpoints Regarding the Vietnam War Research Paper - 1”.
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