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News during the Vietnam War - Essay Example

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The Vietnam War dominated world headlines and most of the information was shown in televisions and radios. The war, which took ten years, was fully supported by Kennedy, who took office during the onset of the war. …
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News during the Vietnam War
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"News during the Vietnam War"

Download file to see previous pages Americans were against communism, and therefore, sent soldiers to Vietnam. The foremost reason for the Vietnam War was to stop the northern region, led by Ho Chi Minch, to take over leadership forcefully. They were against the government, and had planned to overturn the ruling authority to take control of the country. Vietnam War is the longest war that has been witnessed in the world history. It ended when Americans withdrew their troops after realizing their goals. The Vietnam War resulted in misunderstandings between countries worldwide, especially owing to the ideological differences. In this essay, the Vietnam War is discussed in detail and news the media broadcasted across the world highlighted.
During the war, the public had been exposed to the activities happening at the Vietnam War fought in Vietnam through media. This explains why human beings are more interested in revising history rather than understanding the meaning of the war to people (Samantha). The story about Vietnam War was wrongly broadcasted in the news, magazines, books and journals. This made people have negative mind-sets toward the war. Surprisingly, the Vietnam War is greatly misunderstood than the history of Americans, because the media gave distrustful reports about the war results, hence, the citizens received incorrect information. This affected negatively the way people associated with war, which was meant to promote peace and stop Vietnam government form being overturned by the dictators. The negative reporting of the Vietnam War has caused many individuals to forget the essential details about the war. The production of books, magazines, articles and documentaries by various artists has spread the message of Vietnam, as myths rather than suppositions. Kennedy condemned the media houses that published irrelevant information. The Washington office and Kennedy’s administration involved themselves in the consulting editors of the top media house in America. They accused the editors of publishing wrong reports about the Saigon Press Corps. This made the American government to clash with reporters and the media house that confused the citizens by giving wrong information to the people. The big question from the press was whether USA had joined the war to help the Vietnam country or they wanted to prove their potency as a world superpower. The media is accused of giving irrelevant information to the public, creating several considerations. According to research done, the press and journalist only gave two thirds of the report as accurate information got from the Vietnam War. The main motive of the press and the media house were to elevate the sales of the literature they produced, since people were eager to get information on how the war was proceeding. They also lacked the source of getting information; therefore, they were forced to twist the stories to appeal to the citizens (Rhodes). The information looked attractive and people purchased the magazines and books. Vietnam War was the longest war ever in world’s history, and this made it unmatched. Therefore, people wanted to know more about the developing stories of the historical war. The information published by the press and the media houses was condemned by the American administration and most journalists faced trials to substantiate their reports. Conversely, the media also played an imperative part during the war since it was able to update and inform the world the real situation on the ground. It updated the world with current news making headlines, hence reducing the tension in citizens. Therefore, the media should be watchful in transmitting insubstantial issues to the populace. The news broadcasted during the war was spread by the media, which was exceptionally active and determined ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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