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Learning Disability: A positivist study to explore which behavioral and developmental interventions work best in addressing the needs of children with Autism Spectrum - Dissertation Example

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Learning disability is a hindrance in way of an individual to learn and perceives some behavioral aspects and inability to read or write. “Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)” is a disease leading to many disorders like inability to communicate, less socialization power, repentant behavior, and learning impairment…
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Learning Disability: A positivist study to explore which behavioral and developmental interventions work best in addressing the needs of children with Autism Spectrum
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"Learning Disability: A positivist study to explore which behavioral and developmental interventions work best in addressing the needs of children with Autism Spectrum"

Download file to see previous pages “Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)” is a disease leading to many disorders like inability to communicate, less socialization power, repentant behavior, and learning impairment. But fortunately autism disorder is a curable disease and there can be various interventions that help treatment of such disorder in children. Children are mainly suffered by ASD as it occurs even in infancy. This piece of research aims at indicating the causes, symptoms and characteristics of ASD and the interventions that can help children suffering from ASD to recover. The study also provides an insight on the role of parents, peers, teachers and siblings in treatment of a child and the training which could be provided to them for helping the disable child. Review of previous researches indicated that ASD is spreading world wide irrespective of geological conditions and is affecting children of both genders. The research concluded that ASD is positively a curable disease and early diagnosis helps treating it. Development of interventions also supports the recovery of a child for autism disorder and helps the child to live a normal and healthy life. Introduction The topic of research is “Learning Disability”: A positivist study to explore which behavioral and developmental interventions work best in addressing the needs of children suffering from “Autism Spectrum Disorder”. This study is focused on finding the true meaning of learning disability in children along with a disease called “Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)”. The prime aim of this research is identifying the characteristics related to ASD, its symptoms, causes, treatments, and effects on life of the individual suffering from this disease. This paper is mainly focused on symptoms of ASD prevalent in children of ages from 1 to 5 years. The topic was chosen for research because ASD is a commonly experienced disability world wide and there must be awareness among people how to diagnose the presence of ASD in their children and how they can get them treated. This research has been conducted to view all the symptoms, causes and treatments of ASD along with providing interventions that may help in curing this disease. Although some interventions are identified in this research but still there may be some other ways too to treat this disease. Moreover it is also identified in the interventions that parents, peers, adults and teachers have a vital role in treating children suffering from ASD. Literature Review Learning disability is an ailment suffered by individuals which includes some disorders and makes it difficult for a person to discern social relationships and give rise to learning impairment (Bradley, 2002). Disorders experienced by the person make it difficult to learn in typical systematic manner and such issues are caused usually by unknown factors. Wender (1998) defined learning disabilities “as a group of biologically disturbances in development that considerably weaken school performance” of children. Such disorders hinder the growth of a child and create problems in performing well at school. There are always some specific symptoms that indicate that a child is suffering from learning disability but these symptoms may vary from child to child depending on genetic pattern and biological differences. Silver & Hagin (1964) found that disorders caused due to learning disability “significantly affect a narrow range of academic and performance outcomes. Learning disability may occur in along with other disabling conditions, but they are not the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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