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The history, demographics, agenda, primary target choice of Irish Republican Army - Research Paper Example

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Running head: Irish Republican Army Irish Republican Army [Author’s name] [Institution’s name] Irish Republican Army Introduction: In 1916, after the British captured the Irish lands, the Irish Republican Army came up to revolt against the British army, demanding independence for their lands…
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Research the history, demographics, agenda, primary target choice of Irish Republican Army
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Download file to see previous pages In order to let this happen, the Easter Rising, a very significant insurgence in the Irish history was initiated, during the Easter Week. The Easter Rising aimed to revolt against the British rule in Ireland, and claim independence for Ireland. At this point, the Irish Republican Army came into being. Although, the British government appeased the movement of revolution shortly, revolutionists reassembled themselves under leadership of Michael Collins, and became the military part of the Sinn Fein, an Irish political party (Books LLC, 2010). History: After the establishment of the Irish Republican Army, a lot of unrest began; huge campaigns of insurgence were began opposing the British domination over Ireland, which included military raids, bombardments and more operations of the same kind. At last, 1922 bought the much awaited success for the Irish Republican Army and Ireland gained its much anticipated independence. Although the Irish Republican Army succeeded in achieving its awaited independence from the British rule, it came at a huge cost (Books LLC, 2010). The Anglo-Irish treaty signed in 1921, divided the Irish Republican Party itself in two parts. The Anglo-Irish treaty agreed on establishing Ireland as an independent, Free State, but it also considered Ireland as a territory under the British Empire (Derkins, 2003). Moreover, it also gave Northern Ireland the option of opting out of the Irish Free State, which it practiced. As a result, there was much resentment amongst the Irish Republican Army itself, resulting in a partition among the army itself. One of the groups under the management of Michael Collins, supported the treaty; while the other group established the anti-treaty counterpart, petitioned against the signing of the treaty. This headed to further unrest into the Irish lands, resulting in a civil war amongst both the parties of the Irish Republican Army, which lasted for the next nine months. The civil war ended with the defeat of the anti-treaty group of the Irish Republican Army and a huge increase in the death toll at the battlefields from both the sides. After the civil war, the Irish Republican Army, remained mostly irregular with its hangings, until in 1950s, when it again came in the news due to its efforts of regaining the Northern Ireland from the British rule (Derkins, 2003). The Irish Republican Army attacked the British infrastructure in the Northern Ireland to make the British army more vulnerable to the Irish Republican Army attacks. In spite of the series of attempts to conquer the Northern Ireland, and massive support from the Irish political parties and armies, the operation ended up being a massive failure for the Irish Republican Army, resulting in no fruitful results for them (Books LLC. 2010). Later in 1969, the Irish Republican Army split up again in two groups, but this time conspiring of the “officials” and the “provisionals” (Shanahan, 2009). The officials advocated the idea of a united and independent state of Ireland, but through peaceful proclamations, provisionals on the other hand, believed terrorism to be a prerequisite to attain an independent state. In accordance to their ideas, the provisionals launched a series of terrorist attacks on the Northern Ireland and on Britain as well. They tried to dismantle the British rule over the Northern Ireland and continued with their terrorist campaigns that aimed to weaken the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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