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The paper "Development of Morality" highlights that some of the values shared by most individuals and societies, and are the pointing factors towards well-developed moralities, include self-respect and respect for others, honesty, an appreciation of the company and concern for the common good…
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Development of Morality
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Morality can be termed as a set of principles for how people need to treat one another, paying respect to their welfare, justice and rights (Freud, 1962). It is the learning process of distinguishing between virtue and vice. This paper will discuss some of the factors that influence the development of morality and the role adults play in promoting moral growth in children.
A concept that is closely linked with moral development is that of cultural values (Turiel, 1983). Values are principles that individuals hold regarding what is morally upright or evil. They are connected to the cultural context of the society in which they are held. The principles, in turn, direct thoughts and actions, and facilitate individuals to make decisions about what is worthwhile and valuable.
Behavioral theorists assert that moral judgment can be narrowed down to immediate, instinctive, emotional responses presented by moral dilemmas (Freud, 1962).
Children’s interaction with adults influences their development of moral understanding and behavior. Adults may help promote moral development in children by consistently drawing the children’s attention towards the effects of their wrongdoing on others (Turiel, 1983). They can also give children reminders about rules guiding their conducts in different environments, and most importantly, teaching through example by being role models (Turiel, 1983). Read More
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Development of Morality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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