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Leadership Response Through FEMA During Hurricane Floyd - Research Paper Example

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This paper will first discuss the purpose of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The paper then will focus on the impact Hurricane Floyd had on Rocky Mount North Carolina and the inadequate leadership response FEMA had to this disastrous event…
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Leadership Response Through FEMA During Hurricane Floyd
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Download file to see previous pages Many rivers set new flood records. Whole communities were underwater for days, even weeks in some areas. Thousands of homes were lost. Crop damage was extensive. The infrastructure of the eastern counties, mainly roads, bridges, water plants, etc., was heavily damaged. (U.K., 1999)
The response to this natural disaster was unacceptable and a better leadership plan should have been implemented. This paper will explain the history and role FEMA has and what leaders within FEMA should be doing. The next section focuses on how FEMA responded to hurricane Floyd in Rocky Mount North Carolina. Finally, there will be an explanation of what an appropriate response a leader within FEMA (the local recovery disaster manager) should have had in Rocky Mount North Carolina before and after Floyd.
The core concept of the government is to protect its citizens. FEMA is an organization within the government that reaches its citizens during disasters to keep them safe. According to a report written by Giuffrida, L. (1985) “FEMA takes the lead role in coordinating the federal government’s responsibility to preserve and protect American lives and property from emergencies of all types” (p. 2). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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