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Environmental Management - Case Study Example

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This paper "Environmental Management" discusses the reduction of the carbon molecules in the environment through the reduction of dependency on oil as a major source of energy at home. Carbon dioxide is a colorless and odorless gas that was discovered by a scientist Joseph Black in the 1950s…
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Environmental Management
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Extract of sample "Environmental Management"

Download file to see previous pages On the contrary, when the pressure drops the gas will eventually escape into the air thus producing CO2 bubbles in water (McClelland 2010). The increase in carbon dioxide in the environment has caused alarm in ht e whole world thus calling for the reduction procedures to be identified. The diagram below shows a molecule of carbon dioxide (McCarthy 2008).

Carbon dioxide is produced from living organisms through breathing out or exhaling process. Living organisms take in food for providing energy to their bodies. When this food gets into the body it is burnt to produce energy and the carbon dioxide is produced as a by-product. Through the inhaling and exhaling process, carbon dioxide is released out of the body of a living organism like a man and other living organisms (Barrow 2006).

On the other hand, human activities play a great role in releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. For instance, the rate of carbon dioxide increase has been high for the last one hundred and fifty years. This has made it possible for the carbon dioxide molecules in the atmosphere to exceed the amount sequestered in the oceans, biomass, and other sinks. There has been an escalation of carbon molecules in the atmosphere for about 280 ppm. For instance, in 1850 to 364 majorly because of the activities of man during and after the industrial revolution that began back in 1850. Human beings have been increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by engaging in the burning of fossil fuels as their sources of energy, producing cement and clearing natural forests for charcoal, farming, and settlement. It is estimated that around 22% of the present CO2 concentrations that exist in the atmosphere because of the activities from a human being. The fact remains that there is no deviation in the natural carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The additional amount of this gas is a result of human activities, which have very critical outcomes to the complete environmental system.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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