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These subway cars are removed the wheels, doors and windows and then dropped into the Atlantic Ocean where they become home to the aquatic life. Inside the ocean, they will be used the same way coral reefs are used…
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Environmental Managent
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New York subway cars Affiliation: The article discusses about recycling of the used subway cars. These subway cars are removed the wheels, doors and windows and then dropped into the Atlantic Ocean where they become home to the aquatic life. Inside the ocean, they will be used the same way coral reefs are used by the animals and which is place for living and reproducing which is safer from the open water with deadly from predators. This is a very effective way of disposing the used cars instead of destroying them through burning them which is harmful to the environment. The process of dumping them to the bottom of the ocean has been captured vividly on camera which provides proof of the project known as “The Next Stop Atlantic (Zolfagharifard, 2015).”
The article discusses about different environmental management issue the first being recycling. Recycling is being encouraged in order to save the environment from harmful effects associated with wrongful disposal of the used products (Wehrmeyer, 2011). The other issue in discussion is that of prevention of pollution. Pollution and especially air pollution is known and documented to destroy the environment as well as the ozone layer (Uberoi, 2004). With the used subway cars being dumped in the floor of the ocean instead of burning them, then massive air pollution has been prevented.
Lastly is the issue of saving aquatic life and providing them with a longer life span as well as a chance at reproduction. The ocean just like land is full of predatory animals and fish which hunt the fish species and eats them or live off eating their spawn once laid. There are not enough corals to hide all the aquatic life and hence the subway cars provide other artificial corals where the fish can hide and reproduce without danger (Hill & Gale, 2009).
The project uses very minimal resources but the resultant environmental impact is very great and positively encouraged (Thomas, 2005). Literature on environmental management impact indicates that recycling is among one of the cheapest form of management. This is compared against the resources used to destroy the recycled materials (Ghosh, 2003). The increased campaign of this project not only in New York and US but the whole world in general should be encouraged. It is guaranteed to reduce the negative impact of pollution as well as ensure the used cars are properly disposed.
According to Figueroa & De Chile (2008), environmental management is a very simple thing if only people start thinking outside the box. Once the human beings assist the marine life increase through safe reproduction, it will lead to an increase in fish for people to eat. This is also bound to provide more employment to people as they engage in deep sea fishing and selling the fish as a form of livelihood (O’Riordan, 2000). This form of environmental management is also guaranteed to protect the aquatic environment for the sake of future generations. The exotic fish species will be protected from harm by both human and aquatic predators when they hide in these subway cars and hence can live for much longer (Barrow, 2004).
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