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This is because it leads to habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, altered community structures, habitat degradation, and traffic fatalities. According to the author, studies have proven…
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Environmental Management . response 1
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Impact of roads on wildlife The argues that road construction through wildlife habitats has significant effects. This is because it leads to habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, altered community structures, habitat degradation, and traffic fatalities. According to the author, studies have proven that roads cause habitat fragmentation thereby leading to habitat loss as well as isolation of remaining habitat (Underhill, 2002). I support the author in this claim since road construction has varied environmental impacts on earth, which threatens various ecosystems.
Moreover, the author argues that apart from fragmentation, roads also have impacts on other things such as mortality, noise, pollutants, and barrier effect. Barrier effect restricts species exchange thereby threatening their survival. Roads increase extinction rates of species since restricted movement causes inbreeding depression, which can wipe an entire species (Underhill, 2002). These assertions are true since presence of a road in a wildlife habitat causes disturbance or affects migration routes and even destroys homes of the species.
Moreover, the author asserts that, in some instances, fragmentation caused by road can be beneficial to the animal population since it can help the species to re-colonize new areas. However, I partially agree with this notion since it occurs rarely and depends on the extent or coverage of the roads.
Further, the author argues that the presence of a road in wildlife habitat increases chances or prevalence of animals being involved in fatalities or accidents (Underhill, 2002). This assertion is true since when animals cross the road, there are high chances of being knocked over by vehicles and this can result in death or injuries to the affected animal.
The author proposes that in order to curb roadway fatalities, as well as minimizing population fragmentation, there is a need to devise a system whereby wildlife can move freely to each side of the road without any problem (Underhill, 2002). This can be achieved through construction of underground tunnels during building of new roads. I believe this is a noble idea and should be implemented without considering the expenses or costs to be incurred. This is because wildlife is of higher value compared to the cost of resources to be used in constructing the underground tunnels. Therefore, it is logical to spend many resources in conserving and protecting wildlife than save the resources and later experience species loss and extinction, which is more expensive.
Underhill, J. (2002). Roads and Wildlife: A Study Of The Effects Of Roads On Mammals In Roadside Habitats (Masters Thesis). September. Retrieved April 15, 2014 Read More
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Environmental Management . Response 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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