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Environmental Management: cases - Essay Example

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UK Government has laid down a vision all the way to 2020. The country's four priorities for instantaneous action are sustainable consumption and production. The government believes that sustainable businesses as well as organisations can be influential drivers for higher sustainable production as well consumption…
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Environmental Management: cases
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Download file to see previous pages They are so selected on the bases of their aims, program implementations, strategies and environmental benefits. It sees to it that the priorities are being taken forward all the way through measures at the same time promote: a) only better products and services that lessen environmental impacts from utilization of energy, hazardous substances or resources; b) Cleaner, additional efficient production processes that strengthen competitiveness; and modifies in consumption headed for acquiring goods and services but with lower impacts.
The program of the National Hydrological Monitoring Programme or NHMP in UK (Marsh, 2006; p 1-17) which was established in 1988 can be considered a best practice. The department functions to document the variability of hydrological and
water resources across the UK. The programme is collaborative project between the Center of Ecology and Hydrology, the agency which maintains the National River Flow Archive and the other one is the British Geological Survey, responsible for maintaining the National Groundwater Level Archive. Both are National Environment Research Council's component bodies. The aforementioned regular capability reporting on the hydrological conditions all over UK as well as the wide dissemination of gathered information is a great help to heighten public understanding on issues confronting hydrological and water resources. In the course of time, constant monitoring facilitates hydrological trends to be determined and their implications assessed.
The reports produced by National Hydrological Monitoring Programme includes regional rainfall data, that is both current and, where necessary, longer term gatherings for the most important administrative divisions in the area of water industry. Data generated are several maps and representative hydrographs of the flow of the river as well as groundwater levels with sustaining summary outline statistics and also a tabulation of current stocks needed for a collection of major reservoirs. Remarks are provided detailing prominent hydrological events and providing synthesis both the national hydrological standing and the water resources outlook. Consequently, the summaries are then published within ten (10) working days of the end of the month.
In 1990 a series of wall charts illustrating long term variations in the groundwater levels was launched by the British Geological Survey. A report is in grounding for the Therfield Rectory that will include a long-term hydrograph simultaneously with other hydrological information as well as reference material.
Case No # 2
Sembcorp is a dynamic, modern and responsive industrial utilities company which is based in the north east of England. This company supplies essential utilities like steam and power to chief international companies at Wilton International (UK's largest and most essential manufacturing sites). In February 2004, SembCorp Utilities (UK) was permitted to burn the fat of cattle culled which was carried out for about five-week trial at the Wilton power station, close to Redcar. The project is an offshoot to the electricity crisis. The Environment Agency has provided the company the "go ahead" signal to burn tallow until December 2005 (BBC News, 2004; p 1).
The February 2004 trial marked a successful event for Sembcorp, trial conducted by the company in concluded that, there were reduced ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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