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Aspects of Animals Rights and Michael Vick Case - Coursework Example

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This coursework  "Aspects of Animals Rights and Michael Vick Case" demonstrates lessons from the Vick case,  describes the Animal Welfare Act dated to 1966. This paper outlines measures that should be done in order to give justice to animals…
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Aspects of Animals Rights and Michael Vick Case
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Extract of sample "Aspects of Animals Rights and Michael Vick Case"

Download file to see previous pages In fact, even to the present day, dogs, among other animals, have proven themselves to have great utility value to men, after having shown that they can herd, they can hunt, they can track, they can sled, they can police, they can identify, they can sniff and entertain and do a host of other special skills that men would be less capable of doing.
This is why for all the valuable things animals could do for mankind, man or at least a great majority of human beings, have thought to also accord animals similar rights as human beings. In the United States, these animal rights are enshrined in a number of laws and statutes that ensure protection to animals and that prosecute individuals who are involved in animal abuse.

Michael Vick was a football quarterback playing for Virginia Tech when he was sighted for his prowess in the football field and eventually awarded a crack at the National Football League via the Atlanta Falcons. It was during his stay with the Atlanta Falcons that Vick had the best time in his life as a league contract athlete when he led the Falcons in their bid for the NFC championship against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Ironically, it was also during this time that Vick probably had the worst time in his life when it was discovered that he engaged in drugs and professional dog-fighting. While Vick had denied these allegations attributed to him, evidence linking him to the illegal activities had surfaced. In August 2007, Vick admitted to the NFL Commission that he had bankrolled and participated in the dogfighting operation. He was promptly suspended by the NFL. And sooner after that, following an intense investigation by the FBI, Vick admitted to killing dogs himself and was sentenced to 23 months in prison and pay a substantial fine for running a “cruel and inhumane” dogfighting ring. He spent 21 months in jail and was committed to his last two months to house arrest.
During this last part of his sentence, Vick thought of going back to professional play. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Aspects of Animals Rights and Michael Vick Case Coursework, n.d.)
Aspects of Animals Rights and Michael Vick Case Coursework.
(Aspects of Animals Rights and Michael Vick Case Coursework)
Aspects of Animals Rights and Michael Vick Case Coursework.
“Aspects of Animals Rights and Michael Vick Case Coursework”.
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