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Globalization and Business Enterprise: Climate Change - Coursework Example

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"Globalization and Business Enterprise: Climate Change" paper explores one of the major issues that the world today faces. It discusses the issue in reference to New Zealand, and the wider society in general. The paper analyses the impact of climate change on relevant economic and social science…
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Globalization and Business Enterprise: Climate Change
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Extract of sample "Globalization and Business Enterprise: Climate Change"

Download file to see previous pages Since globalization encompasses political, economical and environmental issues, there has been much debate amongst companies on how resources are to be allocated in order to minimize climate change. Climate change is being dealt with on a global scale. The “Green investing is on the rise”, where investors are buying stocks that are environmentally friendly. New Zealand, like other countries, is supporting the cause for environmental protection by legislative measures in trade, bills regarding carbon emissions and by being part of agreements with the UN and the Kyoto Treaty.

Climate change and globalization are intricately linked. With the passage of time, many environmental issues, like global warming, have become global in nature since they cross borders. Globalization in the business enterprise and its direct influence on climate can be demonstrated by the fact that companies are setting up bases in developing countries where environmental regulations are not that stringent. Moreover, free trade agreements between countries often confine the government’s approach to effectively impose environmental regulations. The farther the goods travel, the farther the more the influence of carbon emissions. However, an alternate point of view is that if countries allow companies to trade in their particular specialty, they can significantly reduce environmental damage by being more efficient. Since globalization encompasses political, economical and environmental issues, there has been much debate amongst companies on how resources are to be allocated in order to minimize climate change. Countries are becoming more sensitive to the threats that globalization and the subsequent climate change are posing. In the wake of the tension that is ensuing the deteriorating environment, governments are considering issues such as are there any limits to growth and if the trade is going to worsen the current ecological crisis, or will it ameliorate it?

Economic growth is curtailed substantially by the economic problem, i.e. the scarcity of resources relative to the demand for it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Globalization and Business Enterprise: Climate Change Term Paper - 1.
(Globalization and Business Enterprise: Climate Change Term Paper - 1)
Globalization and Business Enterprise: Climate Change Term Paper - 1.
“Globalization and Business Enterprise: Climate Change Term Paper - 1”.
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