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The Way of Creationism versus Evolution - Essay Example

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The author of this essay describes the confrontation of theories of Creationism versus Evolution. This paper outlines features of theories, main aspects, the role of Creator and the way of development. …
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Extract of sample "The Way of Creationism versus Evolution"

Download file to see previous pages Life itself along with any and all matter is in a constant state of decay or entropy. This is a force set in motion leaving no one or nothing immune. The big bang theory, however, is fundamentally the opposite of Scientific reasoning because it is simply a case of the opposite of entropy or something coming from nothing. As we know, the laws of thermodynamics dictate that energy may be neither created nor destroyed but only changed. The notion that infinite amounts of matter and elegant complexities of life originated from a large and random explosion of atoms, is fantastical and not scientifically sound, to say the least. The theory that dictates a master creator who reached out one day and wished the world and humankind to be in it, into existence is just as far fetched as the big bang theory. Still, however, we had to have come from somewhere.
Many that would argue that Creationism is the indisputable origin of our existence would claim that a universe which came into existence by means of “the big bang” will argue that it requires just as much if not more faith to believe in the random massive reversal of the laws of entropy such that something came from nothing. Not just something void of order but something so vast that there is an infinite amount of elegant design and order within it (the universe). Certainly, both arguments are valid and surprisingly solid. The purpose of this essay is to discuss two notable experts on both topics; Michael Shermer and Duane Gish. Shermer is an evolutionary theorist while Gish is a creationist. The following discussion will elaborate on the finer details of the arguments established by both of these individuals.
In the book by Michael Shermer: Why People Believe Weird Things, Shermer utilizes rational and strategic thought to make a case for evolution, “A theory may be contrasted with construct; a notable statement to account for a set of observations.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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