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Is The Internet Destroying TV as We Know It - Assignment Example

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This assignment describes the Internet destroying TV. It analyses arguments and counterarguments of this statement, advantages, and disadvantages of the Internet, and destroyed television industry…
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Is The Internet Destroying TV as We Know It
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Download file to see previous pages Critics said that the television industry is now at the verge where five years earlier newspaper industry was standing, and now newspaper industry loses its market because people prefer to catch all the information on the internet. But for newspaper people have to pay some price but if they read the news on the internet then they do not have to pay extra price because they already have the internet connection But there is much difference betwixt the television and the newspaper industry, news can be read on the internet, no doubt the fashion shows, dramas, films are all available on the internet but to see all that on the television, has its own charm.
It is depicted that the television industry is not taking the issue seriously, just like the affected newspaper industry, they bragged on the basis of their revenues and earnings. Now before proceeding further, there comes a question across the mind that either the television industry cannot perceive that challenge or they want to close their eyes. Basically, there are brain barriers and because of these barriers we cannot judge the right path and if judged then we cannot follow that path, we can quote the example of Motorola and Nokia in this regard. Again comes to the point that what is the ground behind this topic. Everyone looks for ease and for its wellbeing, so he/she always prefer, who becomes able to take care and fulfill his/her demands (Keen, 2008).
Business models on which television industry works from its existence is that there must be no other option for the people besides the television for entertainment purposes. Now as the videos and documentaries are the basis on the base of which television industry makes business, so they ever never want that these contents must be available from some other source. There must be no alternative other than television for employers to advertise their products. Cable operators are allowed to transmit their programs. Besides this, all television companies made checkpoints in the path of cables and they spend a lot of money in order to make it sure that either all the restrictions are followed at that checkpoints or not (Stelter, 2000). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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