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The research paper will focus on and try to discusse the environmental impacts associated with the production and distribution of plastic bottled water. The bottled water can have several effects on the environment and rampant use would have enormous consequences…
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Environmental Impacts of Bottled Water Research Proposal Environmental Impacts of Bottled Water Research Proposal Research topic
The research paper will focus on the environmental impacts associated with the production and distribution of plastic bottled water. The bottled water can have several effects on the environment and rampant use would have enormous consequences (Thompson, et al, 2009). Determination of the related impacts is of interest and can help contain any negative consequences before proceeding to uncontrollable levels.
2. Research problem
The bottled water industry is among the fastest growing not only in the United States, but also the entire world. Bottled water is replacing the traditional water supplies such as tap water, especially due to its portability and perceived quality (Hu, Morton, & Mahler, 2011). However, there are concerns on its implications for the environment, such as the effects on water resources, pollution, energy supplies, and health. For example, the plastic bottle waste is disposable to the open environment and involves the use of fossil fuels that pollute the environment.
3. Research objectives
The research paper aims to determine the negative implications of bottled water for the environment to encourage the development of appropriate and adequate interventions to preserve the environment. It will explore several areas including implications for water resources, health, waste disposal,pollution, energy security, and interventions applied. The research findingswould be relevant to environmental conservation agencies, governments and other stakeholders all over the world.
4. Research questions
The research objectives will be achieved by developing questions that will guide in execution, data collections, and other parts of the study. The questions will help in determining the kind of data collected for the purposes of analysis and discussion findings. These are listed below:
What is the current production, distribution, and usage of plastic bottled water in the U.S and the entire world?
What are the sources of water used production and issues created due to exploitation?
What are the raw materials used in making plastic bottles and consequences associated with production activities?
What are the sources of energy used in production and distribution to market and threats to the environment?
How are empty plastic bottles disposed and the possible pollution concerns for improper disposal?
How do bottled water production and use influence the health of people and other organisms?
5. Expected results and dissemination
Several negative consequences for the bottled water industry are expected out of the research. The data collected using the research question would show an alarming increasing trend of bottle water in the U.S and the whole world(Hu, Morton, & Mahler, 2011).Secondly, the bottled water is sourced from natural resources and involves wastages that lead to over-exploitation. Thirdly, plastic bottles are made from fossil fuels and increased use leads to a huge carbon footprint (Dege, 2011). Fourthly, fossil fuels are major energy sourcesin the production and distribution of plastic water and lead to air pollution.A fifth outcome would be an inadequate safe disposal of plastic wastes that pollute environment.
6. Timetable
The research is expected to be completed over a 6 month period and a timeline is developed to meet time frames as shown below.
Allocated time
Preparations and searching sponsor
1 month
Literature review and development of research methods
1 moth
Research and data collection
2 months
Data editing, analysis and discussions
1.5 months
Presentations to the research panel
At the end of 6th month
7. Budget
The research is estimated to cost about 1000 dollars and will be financed by sponsors.
Dege, N. (2011). Technology of Bottled Water. Chichester, UK: Wiley-Blackwell, 2011. Internet resource.
Hu, Z., Morton, L. W., & Mahler, R. L. (2011).Bottled Water: United States Consumers and Their Perceptions of Water Quality.International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 8 (2): 565–578.
Thompson, R.C., et al.(2009). Plastics, the Environment and Human Health: Current Consensus and Future Trends.Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 364 (1526): 2153–2166. Read More
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