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California Department of Toxic Substances Control - Research Proposal Example

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This paper “California Department of Toxic Substances Control” will address the effect the passage of this law will have on the number of clandestine meth labs reported in Tennessee that does not have a PSE prescription-only law versus states like Oregon and Michigan that do…
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California Department of Toxic Substances Control
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Download file to see previous pages A review of the literature was conducted to identify published studies evaluating the impact of state laws regulating methamphetamine precursors on methamphetamine abuse in Mississippi and Oregon, and the lack of regulation in Tennessee. Published reports utilize a variety of data sources to assess impact including healthcare-related data and data collected and accumulated from law enforcement agencies. In addition to the published literature, information from governmental agency reports, news reports, legislative policy reports, and personal interviews will be used as instruments for gathering data evaluating the impact of prescription-only pseudoephedrine control laws.
The impact can be assessed in three main ways –For the purposes of the report, the impact of state laws in each state is discussed separately. The researcher will discuss the literature in three categories.
The first category will discuss the use of law enforcement data to determine the impact of PSE prescription-only laws in regards to changes in the manufacture of methamphetamine in domestic clandestine labs, amount of methamphetamine seized during lab raids and other law enforcement activities in Oregon and Mississippi which have passed PSE prescription-only laws.
For the second category, the researcher will address these issues in Tennessee which has not yet passed a PSE prescription-only law but is attempting to.
The third category will discuss the data regarding the unintended impact on the consumer such as the cost of higher insurance premiums, the increased cost of PSE to those needing the drug legitimately, and the overall financial burden placed on the average citizen. The most common datasets used for assessing impact are summarized below. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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