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California Alcoholic Beverage Control - Research Paper Example

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The most important step in obtaining a liquor license in Bay area you have to show proof to the in your application that you have secured a premises that will host your business. In Bay area, the department of alcohol and beverage control has several licenses that are limited to…
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California Alcoholic Beverage Control
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Extract of sample "California Alcoholic Beverage Control"

California Alcoholic Beverage Control of Obtaining liquor license in the Bay Area. The most important step in obtaining a liquor license in Bay area you have to show proof to the in your application that you have secured a premises that will host your business. In Bay area, the department of alcohol and beverage control has several licenses that are limited to certain privileges. The potential owner to decide in advance the type of business desired to open. The restaurant is a good choice, and one has to understand the requirements and laws that govern the sale of alcohol and beverage at the premise. Restaurants in Bay area restricted to sell wines bear and wine alone. The fact limits the restaurant for both drink in the restaurant and take away drinks.
Application of the liquor license is at the department that deals with alcohol and beverage control in Bay area (Califonia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, 2014). During this period of application, the following has to be met by the applicant. Apply and get the sales and tax permit. The permit is obtained at the sales and tax division in California ( Sate of California, 2014). The registration can be done online on their website. The applicant then registers with Board of Equalization online on their website (Califonia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, 2014). The next step is to obtain the Federal basic permit at the alcohol and tax bureau.
The timeline to obtain the license varies depending on the number of the applicant and an average of 45 to 60 working days. In the restaurant business, have a premise and ensure the all the application requirements are met. Possible technicality includes the zoning by the local government might hinder the choice of the locality.
Sate of California. (2014, January 1). Sales & Use Tax in California. Retrieved September 19, 2014, from Ca.COV:
Califonia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. (2014, January 1). Licensing. Retrieved September 19, 2014, from CA.GOV: Read More
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