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However, when we breathe in polluted air, it gets through the inner parts of our lungs that is very sensitive to irritants and toxins. This makes air pollution an immediate concern to all…
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Assignment #9 PKG 381
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Earthcare: Air Pollution and Climate Change Air Pollution and Climate Change Ethical View or Air Pollution It is absolutely impossible for humans to live without air, whether clean or polluted. However, when we breathe in polluted air, it gets through the inner parts of our lungs that is very sensitive to irritants and toxins. This makes air pollution an immediate concern to all human beings. Similarly, just like breaking any law is unethical in the society, when we pollute the air we become guilty of the law that is against air pollution. This goes against the universal morals of not polluting the air. Through emission of harmful gasses such carbon and sulphur, the radiation of the sun is increased which causes the change in climate. Personally, I try to reduce the rate of carbon emission to the environment by using a bicycle and not a motor vehicle most of the time. I also reuse nylon materials instead of burning them to avoid releasing the harmful gasses to the environment. Read More
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Assignment #9 PKG 381 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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