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The reporter casts light upon the fact that the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process is often criticized for the perceived burdens that it places on developers and decision-makers. The EIA process is believed to be costly due to investigations and reports involved in its formulation…
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The Environmental Impact Assessment Process
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Download file to see previous pages EIA has the potential of cutting down on costs involved in an unanticipated environmental impact (PADC, 2007, pg.7). The costs involved in facilitating the changes that have to be made upon completion of the project, due to environmental effects, will be more than the costs involved in trying to avoid the harmful ramifications (EIA, 2015).
The processes involved in coming up with an EIA report may not necessarily translate to a delay in the planning of the project. However, experience has shown that delays experienced in the planning of projects can be significantly reduced with an effective EIA that will lead to saving time and costs.
The exact period of coming up with an EIA may range from anywhere between three months to two years. The time depends on factors such as the nature of the project, its location and availability of research data. It is highly recommended that the process of EIA be integrated with other project planning activities so that it can be carried out at the same time with the rest of the project. The integration will enable saving of time, thus avoiding delays as a result of the EIA planning.
The EIA process raises environmental issues that have to be put into consideration when carrying out the planning of any project. The EIA has the potential of necessitating the redesigning or delaying of a project. It can also offer suggestions that can be made on the project once it has been found out that the project can cause significant impacts on the environment. An effective EIA will have the effect of cutting down on costs and delays that otherwise would have affected the planning of the project. Therefore, EIA makes a significant difference to projects and decision-making once it has been approved.
2. Critically review the role of consultation and public participation (CPP) in the EIA process. Indicate the benefits and difficulties associated with undertaking CPP at various stages and in involving various types of stakeholders, and discuss the main methods of achieving effective CPP. Use examples as appropriate in your answer. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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