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Relationship Between Food Safety and Critical Violations on Restaurant Inspections: An Empirical Investigation of Bacterial Pathogen Content - Article Example

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According to the American regulations, inspections of restaurants should take place at least thrice a year. However, restaurants…
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Relationship Between Food Safety and Critical Violations on Restaurant Inspections: An Empirical Investigation of Bacterial Pathogen Content
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Extract of sample "Relationship Between Food Safety and Critical Violations on Restaurant Inspections: An Empirical Investigation of Bacterial Pathogen Content"

Download file to see previous pages To address the research question, the researchers adopted a quantitative approach. They relied on a cohort study, which was followed by descriptive statistics as will be described below.
Yeager and her colleagues preferred a cohort study, which was effective for their research question. The researchers needed to compare food samples from restaurants that met the inspection requirements and from other restaurants that did not qualify for successful assessment. The inclusion criteria selected by the authors identified 21 restaurants that had met the inspection requirements as well as an additional 21 restaurants that needed more than three inspections. The researchers were keen to create 21 pairs of restaurants with each pair focusing on a similar business. The authors carried out a laboratory analysis of all the food samples obtained from both groups A and B restaurants. In the laboratory, each sample of food underwent a unique study, depending on the main component. It is impressive that all the individuals handling the food samples followed the relevant safety measures to minimize contamination. To reduce the level of bias in data collection, the students obtained all the food samples used in the study during a lunch period. The researchers gave attention to certain variables such as the type of restaurant, the type of food they served, the temperatures of the food served, as well as the level of the pathogen in each food sample. The descriptive analysis that relied on chi-squared tests were carried out to determine the presence of contamination in the food samples (p. 69).
The study yielded intriguing findings highlighting that there was no difference between group A and B restaurants when it came to the percentage of Staphylococcus aureus in the food samples. The discussion part offers an explanation of how this resulted and the potential ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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