Food safety issues and Outbreaks in Americas Food Supply - Research Paper Example

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This essay discusses that the supply and maintenance of safe food to the population is a complex system involving stakeholders both of who must do their jobs properly lest the food supply is contaminated leading to health risk to the millions of the consumers…
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Food safety issues and Outbreaks in Americas Food Supply
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Download file to see previous pages Among the steps are the procurement of farm inputs, production process, manufacturing practices, retailing practices and all these processes have the capability of determining quality of food which in turn affects the health of the consumers. The food chain thus provides the best platform in which the safety of food for consumption can be managed properly and efficiently. An effective risk management practice is thus required in order to protect the consumers from developing health complications that arise from food consumption. Ensuring food safety to protect the public health and promote economic development remains a challenge to America due to variety of food produced in their country. Considerable progress has been achieved to strengthen food safety programs with most emphasis given to ways of preventing foodborne diseases. Foodborne risk in humans can arise due to biological, chemical and physical causes both of which are equally dangerous to human health. In the past few decades, risk management, risk assessment, risk management and communication have been advanced to help tackle new challenges which arise from food insecurity. Health trends Many nations are realizing the human health and monetary burden that foodborne diseases pose to their economy. in the United States, foodborne diseases results to about 76 million illness and over 300, 000 hospitalizations leading to about 5000 deaths every year (WHO, 2005). The research service in the U.S.A department of agriculture consumes over 7billion Dollars annually in the research of foodborne diseases caused by Campylobacter, Salmonella, Escherichia and Listeria. Food safety is thus a matter of public concern in most counties due to deaths and economic burden it causes in the long run (WHO, 2005). Eating disorders is also a major problem related to food safety issues since most people lack proper eating habits in their diets. Eating disorders usually stars when the child is young especially at elementary school level and they may proceed into adulthood resulting into health-related problems (Stanfield, 2010). Among the eating disorders are Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa among others and they have negative effects to humans and thus should be avoided at whatever costs. People should prescribe to health practitioners to guide them on proper diets so that they evade unhealthy eating habits which have negative consequences. Improper eating habits are largely contributed by the sedentary lifestyle of most Americans leading to decreased energy needs and improper BMR conditions. Improper consumption of more calories than expected results in to obesity hence it is prudent if people realize that obesity is caused by overconsumption of calories and not fattening foods. Eating a balanced diet of moderate proportions coupled with regular exercise is important in maintaining right energy balance required by the body (Stanfield, 2010). Changing food safety environment The link between the hazards and in food and the potential of causing illness is sometimes hard to establish and requires advanced scientific knowledge in health-related issues. Challenges still pose major threat to food safety in America due to technical hitches that arise form ever-changing environment. International trade agreements developed under the world trade organizations under the WHO emphasize the need for regulations governing food supply. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Food Safety Issues and Outbreaks in Americas Food Supply Research Paper.
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